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lastnight/this morning:


I was a native american and was running from people. i got left behind and hid in some 2 story cabin i came across. i was in some dark corner and they found me and killed me with machetes. then it woke me up, and i fell asleep again. Again, native american creeping shooting arrows at people, then the landscape changes and im at some camp with the rest of the people in front of a fire just laxin'..

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I have dreams all the time that I am in high school again, but I am my current age and am overwhelmed with the knowledge that I should not be there but nobody will listen to me.

I also dream that I am late for school.

Lots of dreams of talking animals that help guide me through foreign cities.

And then there are the dreams of dead friends and dirty hobos and riding freights.

Nothing too amazing.

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I would much prefer not to dream anymore.




Had a dream the other day where this fucking clown stole a schoolbus and was chasing me thru a city. Then i stole a dumptruck and was like vehicle battling him haha. Fucking dream seemed like it lasted forever.

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^I fucking hate when that happens staby...



I've had some pretty badass straightforward dreams. Once I met Black Sabbath at a gas station and we chilled the whole day, and eventually i got them to play a reunion show. That dream ruled.

Once I had this real long seeming dream where I was riding freights with an old friend and some hobo that wrote "never again" as a moniker. Very cool, we even had to run from cops and such. Some Are just me hanging out years ago with friends I haven't seen in forever, Those dreams are cool too.


And I think I dreamt about being on 12oz once...I was mad...I could've been flying around or some shit..yet i'm talking on a forum in my sleep.

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I remember this dream from ages ago..


I was at home, a normal day until someone broke into the house, some fucked up psychopath and me and my family ended up being held captive in our own home. Everything was dark as fuck and the place was a mess. He would keep us all alive on minimal food but torture us, burning me with cigarettes, cutting little slices of my skin off.. Shit like that and it felt like it went on for ages. I've forgotten exact parts now but I never forget the end.

There was shit all over the house, boxes of food spilt and I was so weak I could only slump against the door in the kitchen, glass door. He took my family out of the room and I knew he was going to kill them, there was nothing I could do, knowing I was next, just sitting there. Heard all the screaming. So he left his gun on the table and I managed to reach up and grab it, shot myself in the head and I felt the burning as it ripped through, felt the glass smashing behind me and fell onto the floor. But I was still alive, I could see everything but I couldn't move or speak.

The guy brought my family back into the room, who were alive, and then I watched him slowly kill them..




Shit was fucked up though. Woke up not knowing what the fuck was going on.

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For about a week straight, a month back, I had zombie dreams every night. It was fucking rad/weird.


Last night i had a dream that i was back with an ex girlfriend i haven't seen or talked to in over 2 years; the details are hazy. Then i was suddenly backstage at some concert chainsmoking cigarettes and getting into an argument with an employee who kept trying to tell me i couldn't smoke. At some point i had a long discussion with my dad about my drug and alcohol intake. It was an odd dream.


I once had a dream where i was in what appeared to be a rob zombie movie. I was being chased all over the place and hiding out in some abandoned town. Then, while trying to escape from someone, i turned a corner and got my head cut off by Captain Spaulding wielding an axe. Instead of waking up though or fading out into another dream, that dream continued, but i was just observing everything from a non interactive point of view.

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Was chilling on the couch with my dad and a girl I know. I introduce her and he calls her a slut. I got angry and stay angry until I woke up from the dream. I kept yelling at him and throwing shit everywhere. My dad in real life is a very humble and nice person and in my dream I got so pissed because he has never acted that way ever before. My mom asks me if I want to go and see a movie and talk over things because of how mad I am. For what ever reason were on the side of a road and I slip and fall into clay and get it all over me, but I dont seemed bothered by the mess and I shrug it off like "pshhh happens all the time." I continue to be mad and I continue to fight with my dad till I wake up.


The dream has bothered me all day because I dont know why I would dream it. Ive always gotten along with my parents and never have fought with thim much in my life.

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