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  1. met this dude Christos this past month and he put these tatz on my bud while visiting WV, cool trip all around, bummed I didn't have time to get one from him.
  2. http://vimeo.com/45376265 some good stuff and good friends
  3. Shit man I just recorded some up to date shit, the album never came out for 2011 I promise there will be cd's for grabs for 2012 Christmas gifts. It makes me feel great to know gay midget village got play at any party, that shit always has people questioning their life after they hear it. I made some bluegrass sounding shit recently. this is a teaser for the album
  4. http://themanwhofilms.com/TMWF/THE_BLOG/Entries/2012/11/2_Talking_Breezy.html Halloween in ny w/ skateboarding crap and dumb people
  5. This storm is fucking up my NY/NJ party plans this week, pissin' me off
  6. hahahaha yo come visit I got a sick new couch and shit
  7. Bert tattoos like a boss. My buddy Nate made these, mine is the bottom left. I'm pretty sure it was painted by lower case j
  8. I don't know how people aren't loling about this savage I was high as fuck watching this dance live, I lost it when he started crotch thrusting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjBZGE0ohto Champion Kenyan runner Ezekiel Kemboi has been charged with assault, a month before he is due to compete at the 2012 London Olympics. A Kenyan woman, Anne Njeri, has accused the steeplechase gold medallist of stabbing her in the western town of Eldoret last night, the East African Standard reported. Njeri, 26, told the paper that Kemboi drove her home after an evening out, and became aggressive when she refused his sexual advances. She claims he took out a knife and stabbed her in the chest. released him on bail of $595..................
  9. he does the bacon by himself on that last bit probably^ I liked the whole episode, especially when Walt would put Skyler in her place, being a boss. The only part that made me want to change the channel for a second was that dubstep shit, who the fuck thought that was a good idea? yuck.
  10. Anything on the water this place, at the end of a bridge
  11. "He probably threatened someone before breakfast this morning, it's what he does."
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3SqYMgKhsk This is my favorite from FM
  13. and no more basketball player names
  14. Manute Bol


  15. If I were some rich fuck I'd pay whatever, but for someone barely getting by it feels way better spending your little bit of cash on someone who will take a walk in and still give a good tattoo for 200 bucks than some appointment only dude. If you say you're passing by and traveling people seem to get you in faster, too. I'm day drinking Menace if you ever come back on here pm the instagram you know bol is on dat shit with other peoples phones
  16. I made an instagram on my girls phone just to see pictures and holy shit, all the gems are on there. This thread is obsolete unless people post their own shit fuk u internetz
  17. reference from one of the best books ever wonk saggin
  18. I got some tits on me yesterday, so happy with em'
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