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  1. Re: PROP THREAD ******OG'S ONLY*********** negaprops. fuck you! if you even think of propping me.
  2. rusto with minimal thinner or one shot.
  3. Cunt Roach

    Spray Paint

    anyone here try Evolve. thoughts? and most importantly how long do the colors hold? you like how it takes them to start fading.
  4. take can of paint. spray upside down, relive pressure/gas. take can opener, while holding can upside down use opener to cut off bottom. if it explodes. consult a physician. if it doesn't explode like shrapnel in your hands, pour it into marker or container. if you're using a foam tip the xylene in the paint will melt it. your best off using a metal tip marker. if you have one already just pour straight rusto from the pint in there.
  5. its page 420 where are the weed pieces at? atleast some rasta color combos..come on mannnnnnn
  6. sorry if just want to fap to her meaty pussy. thats just me.
  7. all of the predictions are far from correct. scumbag yes i am. steve? no i'm not.
  8. http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/483819/viewall
  9. well that takes the fun out of it. her model mayhem page just isn't doing it for me anymore.
  10. shit you guys are paranoid. can a guy just get his mangled vag fetish on here? just PM them if you have to you pussies.
  11. does anyone have those nude picture of her that were posted on ch.0 a few years back.
  12. does anybody remember boohead zoohead?
  13. do i put the arrows on now?
  14. Better call Slick Lou here, from Antiques Roadshow and get that bitch appraised.
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