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  1. yes, It IS me. And here you suckers coughed up all these props for me. Go get one of the mods to ban me. Seems to be par for course at this point
  2. painting alone...sure crying alone....definitely
  3. I'd call my boss "yeah, I just got something in my food down here at the fast food spot. I've decided to sue them for millions and so i don't think I'll be coming back to work monday."
  4. Re: 2010's man of the year Huh, wonder if there's any relation to this guy:
  5. Good, because i am really intolerant of the jerks that run around letting everyone know how edgy they are by loudly proclaiming their intolerance for religion and God in general. Have fun in your pool of blackness in the afterlife.
  6. It's stories like this that allow me never to feel guilt when cheating on gf's. face it, deep down instinct trumps any social limitations and/or rules we try to establish on ourselves to enforce the sham of monogamy.
  7. The people I hang out with would roll me if they saw me walking up for the nights activities clutching my playskool chalk sprayer ready to get down. "Hold on guys, lemme finish my juice box first and then we'll go get that rooftop."
  8. I paint over numbers on trains any chance I get.... ....IT'S MY WAY OF GETTING BACK AT THE MAN!!!!
  9. You don't need a steamer to cook good rice. 2 cups of water to every 1 cup of rice boil water reduce heat to low stir in rice cover let sit 20 or so minutes Done.
  10. well, i liked part1 because the footage was really varied. lots of fights, racking, pretty girls, weed smoking, bombing, crazy homeless dudes, ex punk rockers. Part 2 though...whut the fuck. It was like the guys that did a decent job of editing handed it over to someones kid brother and said "okay E-Duble, here's your big break!" and then that kid went and fucked it up. They're gonna have to come back hard it they want my faith restored in this franchise. Serious, this is a terrible graffiti dvd. Fucking awful. i recant on what i said earlier.
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