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Everything posted by Silba

  1. He done blew up now he ashamed he was on a Internet forum.
  2. The mans out a penis on here, ban that nigga ASAP
  3. This thread needs a DAO and KC Kid dump.
  5. Now teach her how tow rite Rap Letters on walls and other property that dosent belong to her, yet somehow does because she dont give a fuck like us.
  6. Damnn Rest In heaven my nigga.
  7. Russians sell missles all the time. Even if it was a Russian missle, it dosent mean the Ruskies shot it down. Probally those damn Ukranian nationalists.
  8. Silba


    As a car nut I been stuck on Forza 6, but I need to finish my Halo 5 playthrough. Game is beast.
  9. Silba


    I never could really get in to drinking. My 21st was this year and I didn't even bother myself to even by some liquor. One of my best friends from HS is going down the path of drinking way too much in my opinion and it always sucks because he's the type of drunk who because they don't act stupid they think they are in full control. He's a drunken driver, and so far hes never got in to any problems. My vice has become the weed. Its made me quite an asshole I'd say. I didn't start smoking until after my accident and its just been a steady thing ever since. It got to the point where I would drive on E to pick people up just to smoke. I have slowed down now but the thought of smoking can set me off to having a terrible mood and me throwing fits of anger because of it. Mostly stemming from a lack of funds and me playing the victim card though. Worse part about it is I know I'm being a selfish asshole but yet it just happens.
  10. Whats up man, hows life been treatin ya?
  11. Damn finally able to sign in without being signed out, I'm with it.
  12. If we get a Harbaugh I think we will be alright. They will have to get rid of Phillips and Emery in the offseason. Offer Trestman a position at QB coach or some shit, and get rid of Mel Turner. Thats what needs to be done.
  13. 12oz is dope. Literally. For some at least.
  14. Alright guys, I has some advise I would like to take. I can fix my car with the following fixes, or buy a new car. I need a radiator, radiator support pulled out, hood, headlamps, front bumper(I would go VIS route, because they make kick ass aero for my car), and all new registration. Things not included for it to run are brake booster, maybe some brake lines but I doubt it, and a PS pump/lines. Or I can buy a car from a lot, for around 1500 down payment, and since my neighbor owns a dealership I wouldnt exactly walk off with a Piece of shit. Maybe like a '03 RSX or something. What would you guys do?
  15. ^ Damn then no one in the league must have got accepted since buddy has 3 Super Bowl rings.
  16. Do it. Seems like a steal no matter what.
  17. That thing is beautiful. Would look amazing sitting on some CRkai Also, is that cheap? I remember seeing one in the U.S that was legalized for like 50k.
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