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  1. Yeah Ive been using the Ipad pro as well. I've rather enjoyed my time on it. The Adobe apps in my opinion are garbage. Adobe really dropped the ball by not having some nice full function apps ready for that release. Procreate has some really nice power behind it, although not vector. Autodesks Graphic is actually a nicely powered app for the pro. One that eluded me for a bit and I recently stumbled upon it was Concepts. A very nice and regularly updated and improved app with some interesting functions behind it. One main thing that Concepts has Graphic beat on (for me at least) is you can manually adjust how much you want it to Simplify you line after drawn and the vector registers better when free handing the line. Im an old school Fireworks guy and I always prefered creating the vector line, simplifying, and pushing it around until it was the desired curve.
  2. Been a minute. Craving steak the other night. 18 oz ribeye seared and baked. Roasted leeks. Sweet vermouth sauteed mushrooms. blistered tomatoes. It was rushed, not the best cut of steak, but I didnt care I was hungry and it was tasty...
  3. Youre trying very hard to prove a point but this example is out right ignorance. This is a person that wrote a book that should be someone intelligent, yet fails to know the most simple bit of information of plant reproduction. They're so eager to prove their point they misapply facts in doing so.
  4. Revision of the recent post. A bit better but still needs adjustment. Orange garlic ginger marinated pork. Chipotle goat cheese scalloped sweet potatoes. Orange fall spice vinaigrette. Maple Pecan Tahini.
  5. Word. I dont think I could do the Century Eggs. I cooked up one of my eggs recently, a lil early, but didnt notice much difference. I did get some aromatics from the outer most white. Another factor is Im using plain store bought chicken eggs. I should of just bought the ducks eggs I came across at a local Asian store. Ive heard of the tea eggs but not soy sauce eggs. I will definitely add that too the list. I just moved to the Birmingham area and Ive been trying to get a bunch of test/experiments going so that the time lapse doesnt seem so long between batches. They talked so much about seasoning an egg from the outside in I really wanted to see just how much of that flavor penetrates. Ive noticed salted eggs with dessert applications and I dont do desserts much but have been wanting to do more. I was considering a test with adding raw cocoa beans and coffee beans to a salted egg brine. Coffee and cocoa both have salted applications then using the eggs for a hollandaise with an infused balsamic with the same aromatic seasonings. Then in turn using the hollandaise for a tiramisu. I dunno could be horrible, could be good lol. I had a recent meal that wasnt an over all success but I will revisit it. Did a chipotle scalloped sweet potato (gochujang, chili/garlic sauce, heavy cream, salt, pepper) which was a bit too saucy but tasted pretty spicy and rich. Ive had a steam juicer for YEARS and havent used it one bit so I figured why not steam a whole chicken in it? ginger garlic steamed chicken tossed with heavy amount of cilantro. Blistered tomatoes in an orange juice/curry sauce and finished with a maple tahini sauce. I kinda rushed a bit and lost which direction I wanted each sauce to go. Although I will definitely be steaming more chicken in the future. I got about 4 cups of some pretty nice chicken stock that fell down into the funnel catch of my steam juicer. Decently strong flavor. Could make a chicken soup outright without any more additional flavor.
  6. Star Wars VII. SUre it was entertaining but I wasnt impressed.
  7. Oh yeah definitely I swear I smell szechuan in my sweat lol. I was thinking of grinding down a small amount to incorporate into a rub. But yes a very small amount because of the potency those lil guys have. I wanted to do the same dish again but along with the orange ginger marinade actually do a powdered rub with added zest. I love the lemon like flavor that the szechuan has along with the pungency. Its new to my spice rack so Im more than likely going to use it till I get sick of it or find a new avenue. Reason why I went out of my way for them to begin with is because I wanted to give making Salted Eggs a go. Been eyeing them in the asian markets for some time and then the recent Lucky Peach brought them back up so I wanted to see what they were all about. Plus it seems the spectrum of uses for salted eggs goes across the board so that was another thing that made me desire a test batch.
  8. Guess Im the only one with time these days. Welp this thread keeps me going so Im going to keep it going... Pork all day every day cause its the cheapest out there next to chicken. Ginger Orange marinated boneless pork rib with s szechuan peppercorn crust topped with sweet and spicy squash (allspice, clove, curry powder, mustard, black pepper, dried chili, brown sugar, garlic, sweet onion, apple vinegar). Served over cauliflower rice with soysauce, seasame oil, cilantro, green onion, grape tomatoes. I think it came out great. If I revisit Ill grind down the szechuan to a powder. I tried to separate some of the husks to keep out the berries but one or two got by and it was like hitting stones lol. Oh and prepare the sweet and spicy as a sauce then add to squash to finish.
  9. I moved and havent had a chance to cook anything outside of beans. Dont get me wrong I love beans but.... Yeah. Black Garlic/Balsamic Country Style boneless pork ribs. Strawberry/Raspberry/Lemon grass salsa. Basil Coconut milk risotto. I used sushi rice instead of arborio and it seemed to work just fine. I think I nailed most of it but made the mistake of skimping on some fresh herbs for the pork. I had some cheap italian seasoning that I used... gave it an off taste. I should of just bought fresh sage... oh well.
  10. Pause play pause play all day lol. I could never lock myself into a book. I got so used to doing sheets of paper and trashing when the vandal days were strong. Lifes pulled me away from such things and now when I do anything I still just use sheets. Plus reams of paper are cheaper than books. I havent done anything "real" in a while. Been working on stupid sayings to make money off of. Gotta kick something that means something soon. But Ill contribute something....
  11. Been a minute.... Was heading through ATL and dropped off at a Super H Mart and was pleased to see scallops by the pound. Only thing I can get in my area are those big expensive bags of frozen crap. Not saying these were great by I grabbed five and called it a day. Not the best sear but Seared Scallops over a Gochujang Duck egg hollandaise. Crispy pork belly bits. Thai basil oil. Sauteed Ong Choy and lotus root with lil mini blooming onions. Some very pathetic sauteed shrimp. I mean they shrunk like crazy, i was pissed, oh well. Rice mound thingy. Thin sliced cucumber, radish, and tangerine with a blueberry cilantro lime sauce and feta cheese.
  12. So if scientists use rats/mice to test things for humans because of the similarities in our make up does that mean that Rodents are the true parents of mankind? Was the ninja turtles a true story?
  13. Of course a nice size pot works but if you get a large electric skillet like... Like this ^^^ its easy to fit a whole flat of chicken breasts in it. Season them and stuff them in there. 250 or so and flip in twenty minutes. Toss in some water, let it boil down, toss in a bit more, let it boil down. Chicken always comes out moist, tender, and flavor full. Lately Ive been picking up a jar of some random simmer sauce. Throw in the chicken, empty the jar, fill the jar with water, shake up to get all thats left, and dump the rest in with the chicken. Cook all that up till you boil down everything and comes out great.
  14. That last one!! What is that? Looks awesome!
  15. That though ^^^ can be eaten everyday, day in, and day out. Its clean and fresh. Theres a gap between different meals. The only time I get sick of something is if I get stuck eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner the same day. When it comes to health and physical shape Ive known dudes that stir up canned tuna fish and water then chug. Im not about that. Im not over weight but at the same time Im not going to turn eating food into purely automated necessary consumption devoid of enjoyment...
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