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Everything posted by chopsticks

  1. Prolly get unlimited bacon served to them by hot bitches too.
  2. Pulling your pants all the way down when you pee is BSM Feels good man.
  3. I watched you do that on Skype, I dont think its worth travelling over there for...
  4. No more bullshit Tony or you're off the team!
  5. How do you make Krinakhbar?
  6. Can somebody translate these for me: PEE IN THE BUTT KRINK FERNEL MORRIS
  7. More importantly, what did you get for dinner?
  8. Yo Rushawn, we briefly met at Bills, I was with Carson!
  9. It's what the toilets for, meditate on there while you're shitting.
  10. I just hate it when girls have super private profiles, and I have to jerk off to the little display picture.
  11. Probably meant Korn. I dont like Korn either.
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