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  1. Just came in the mail... First t shirt im keeping on a hanger. And the quality of shirt and print are superb. THANK YOU
  2. Saturday's gonna be a good day methinks. I might even go paint with this shirt on.
  3. Yo...count me in shoot that code. definitely want to cop a shirt
  4. Aiming for a year of sobriety as I reflect on a decades worth of inebriation. The universe really out here trying to tempt your boy and it hasn't even been a month yet, lost my bike courier gig ( a blessing in disguise, that job encourages being an alcoholic..didnt even lose it because I was a drunkard, just got tired of waking up super early for work to only really start two hours after im already out and about...precious time I could be sleeping. Also, I had become a robot....how funny, the thing I once viewed as my saving grace and made me free amongst the suits had found a way to imprison me ) and have a lot of free time and got invited to a natty-bo sponsored event(free booze everyfuckingwhere )yesterday,which I turned down. I guess subconsciously and consciously im ready to really try sobriety out. A year ago I'd be down to be there and try to drink all the alcohol i could and maybe hoard a couple cans for obligatory alley drinking that would surely ensue. I'm still suprised I didn't go. High five to me i guess , will report back here around this time next year. (Hopefully ,we're still here ha..haaa..ha.........ehhh? Im still trying to figure out when we entered a scenario where life is playing out like one really long episode of South Park) EDIT: yo, I went on a super long tangent and forgot about the social media thing, deleted face book three months ago? Never needed it and it holds true now three months later, or I just never really had that many friends or associates to make having it necessary, hah *tear emoji*
  5. I lurk every once in a while to see what's going on. I'll never not be fond of this place. I've been lurking Kanye To The forums for a couple years, sadly, the quality of that forum has dipped tremendously. This is, in my opinion, still one of the best forums of all time. Such interesting people sharing culture and shooting the shit. Rip tinychat crew. So much has changed since I made my account sophmore year of high school and so much has stayed the same since 2006. Before instagram, this was my gateway to a world that I was so curious about that I eventually started to actually get into it physically; grafilthy changed my life for better or worse, I still can't tell as I near the age of 30. I never became all city or anything,but the experiences I've had i wouldn't trade them for anything or the people ive met along the way, a couple directly because of this place. Oontz oontz Wonk Saggin.
  6. Realizing that life is passing me by. Just got a real paycheck from new job, gonna treat myself to some herbals and enjoy some movies today.
  7. back from the grave like a zombie This new title fight album is refreshing im tired of hearing about how niggas are in love with the co co
  8. Awesome fucking album Every time these guys drop some new shit, it brings a smile to my face. Can't wait till they come back here to play.
  9. T_R_O_N

    I'M DRY

    is all you need player.
  10. another tragedy where fuckheads get to twist and maim a horrible situation to fit some agenda.
  11. Re: random thoughts i wonder who's going to be bold enough to make some quirky retelling of elliot roger's story into a movie in the next 5 years Serenity is a dope movie young nigga move that dope how does a man place pussy on a pedestal so high that he kills other people because he didnt get any. riding a bike with no brakes is only fun for so long cars have been looking more attractive lately young nigga move that dope.
  12. graffiti is fun until you realize that you're black and anything on your record pretty much ruins your life at any decent job. fuck this shit. the ride was fun for a while, but holy shit, such an amazing thing getting caught for a hand done with a marker can do to your life. for real though, i thought the feds that got me were about to make me a fruitvale incident. I've never really feared for my life over anything and that shit was enough to end my little tryst with vandalism. EDIT: LSD is awesome for thinking. whoopdeefuckingdee #ifiwaswhiteidprobablystillwritegraffiti
  13. Re: random thoughts I'm glad I'm just finding out about Death Grips...this shit is pure. My beats are beginning to sound marketable. never getting arrested for graff again, fuck this american justice system, such bullshit for a little hand on a train. Thank Xenu for my dad being frat brothers with my prosecutor. bout to start flooding the streets with my street art projects, seeing as how society seems more receptive to that shit versus graff, let these yuppie fucks have their cake and eat it to, fuck risking my freedom over graff anymore. $$$ make tha world go round. Edit: shout out to the undercover fuckboy transit police for not turning me into another fruitvale station incident and not wilding out and shooting me over a handstyle.
  14. swagout in the future for 165.00 http://www.ssense.com/men/product/ktz/black_tattoo_toweling_oversize_cap/79984
  15. I think there's more to this, not to judge, but this lass looks like a yolo party girl type. There was something else combined with the weed and they're not telling. in over a hundred years of people smoking pot, no one has died until this chick. in the words of my nigga drake, "We just don't believe you." im sure the toxicology report found other substances in her system, but weed being the popular potential cash crop that could change how a lot of things are run in various industries, became the main target to demonize.
  16. Re: random thoughts MOOK LIFE is one of the best things to happen to the internet.
  17. Re: random thoughts it has finally dawned on me that im actually getting old and im running out of chances to get my life in position to age gracefully and comfortably. I'm also the last heir to the family's name on my father's side, which has got me thinking about my extracurricular activities. I always envisioned myself going on a graffiti adventure around the country fucking bitches, smoking green herbals, and laying waste to urban landscapes with my moniker, but now i realize that i actually wont have that luxury, because, by some way of fate or chance, the universe has put it so that I actually have to contemplate some grown man shit like the continuance of my lineage... real life got a young old nigga stressed.
  18. had a dream last night where i went to some school where there was a huge gang war going on and kids were stabbing and shooting people left and right. and i tried flirting with this chick that never let me smash's mother at a movie at the school? it was a very weird dream.
  19. we're all fucking crazy ...
  20. My dude Hua, why are you stressing this shit? I'm going to go on a whim that you either: 1. Can't grow a beard yourself and the haterade you're sippin' is super potent 2.You went to a hip cafe spot and you caught your chick eye fucking bushy bearded dudes 3. Both? Sometime during your brunch affair with your chick, you made a comment about said bushy beards, and to your dismay, on the contrary to your position on the matter, your chick is quite fond of these beards and probably asked why you don't grow one (you can't) and this set your soul on fire, which prompted you to make this thread so deep seated in all things hater. It was at that moment in the cafe you realized that you were surrounded by dudes that could pull your chick simply because of something that you don't have, and presumably, can't get,ever. You felt threatened... TL;DR: you went to hip cafe with bushy beards, you don't like bushy beards, but your girl does.
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