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  1. Damn, second time I've read that statement in less than 24 hours. I like it! Thank you! :)
  2. BUMP! This piece is tight.
  3. Yeah, just saw this about an hour ago. Fucking craaaazyyy! I skated when I was younger and I remember being so influenced by this guy! Just his attitude and not caring style of his time was sick! And I think he might have been the youngest one? But yeah, he always looked the coolest too. RIP.
  4. Just ran five miles! Was only going to do four since I did three last time, but decided to just go all the way. Glad I didn't pussy out and went through with it.
  5. Good to see you've been consistent Boats! I ran three miles today. Shooting for five in the very near future.
  6. ^ omg my friend juuuussst let me borrow his copy of Dune the other day. I'm excited to read it because I think someone on this thread recommended it. I think Fist? idk :O Heard great things about it, but it seems pretty dense so I'll have to pay attention. Just finished this book. I found it interesting. The only other book I've read by J.D. Salinger is "The Catcher in the Rye" and I liked it a lot when I was a teenager because I was hella angstyoner. I still like it today for nostalgic reasons and I think it's a lot more adventurous than I perceived it to be when I first read it. ANYWAY, I DIGRESS, "Franny and Zooey" is about two siblings that come from a prestigious family where all the children are essentially geniuses. Most of it is made up of a handful of dialogue parts with minimal narration. Usual ranting and raving like J.D. Salinger's works, but a bit less whiny and angsty than Holden Caulfield. I'm also currently picking away at this book. It's written in rural Russia between 1916-1917. Pretty interesting perspective on the times and culture, as well a good amount of humor thrown in. Most of the peasants he aids have no concept of modern medicine so it's funny to see the interaction between a well educated young city boy and people that have little contact with the world outside of their small eastern european village. The chapters are neatly packaged into their own events so I think one could even skip around and read them in a different order if they really wanted. I had to start over The Shining because I haven't read it in a while haha
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEtAktwfbBs&index=15&list=FLYpcpHmTJibrTwMDUtWdUoQ
  8. I'm so happy you flicked this. I remember seeing this a few years ago and it's always stuck out in my mind. I'm glad to see it's still running.
  9. This was a pretty entertaining documentary. I don't watch hockey, so everything was new to me and I found it very interesting! I wish I was this tuff! It's a documentary on I guess one of the best enforcers in the NHL.
  10. Re: random thoughts When peeing in a toilet, do you pee straight into the water or on the side to make it quieter?
  11. ^^^ I often do this too! Just to have something to do or get out of the house, or if I've been sitting down all day. It's nice to hang out and get your legs moving a bit for a half hour or so. Most times I keep it at a mild pace and read a book that I'm currently reading or studying. I've been actually running on the road for fun lately as well.
  12. TOT I got a free SLR camera at a bar on Valentine's Day. I think dude wanted da D doe :P
  13. I was watching True Life: I Need to Change my Man today. There was one married white couple, and the husband was super into "beard culture" I guess you would call it. He had a bushy beard, so I guess he was a failure. Anyway, I guess he had a beard club and all he was focused on was his beard and promoting it hahahaha
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