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  1. then whats the problem? like i said, trackfones are 10 bucks no bullshit. they're basically throwaways.. get one of those, or a google number like was already said. i had to do it.. i didn't WANT to do it, but fuck it. i wouldn't let me into my account if i didnt. if you are worried about the government monitoring you your already fucked. if you've ever had a myspace or a facebook account, they know whats up.. google already knows everything you look up, and catalogs that shit. they know where you are, within a foot when you are on the internet. thats how well they can pin point you. so your f
  2. like i said, they did it most likely to keep dumbasses from trying to put up illegal shit, i.e. fights and graffiti etc. use an old phone number or a trackfone and stop bitching.. youtube is ran by google now, and there is nothing you can do to stop that, i know it sucks, but thats how shit is... you shouldn't be putting up illegal activities on youtube anyways, thats fucking dumb. so LIKE I SAID, if you arent putting up videos of you taking a bat to someones head or smoking crack or hitting trains, YOUR FINE. don't want to give your info up? then don't. that isn't a hard concept to grasp.
  3. its whatever fool..i used my someone elses phone anyways.. but as long as you don't have no illegal shit goin on with your channel (I.E. you got graff shit up or fights etc.) you're straight fool..its not like google doesnt already know whats goin down with your computer anyways.. they got everything you search on there cataloged and shit. try vimeo or something. you might have better luck there, i wouldn't know because i dont get on it very much tbh.
  4. i really wish tyler perry would come out of the closet already.
  5. dear Directv satelite dish, stop being such a fag, im trying to watch pawn stars and i'll be goddamned if i miss the part where they reveal whether that 17th century sword is a fake or not. also, almighty, sucks to hear about your friend/gf/whoever this chick is.. hope shit works out. but if not feel free to send me pics of her vag if you have any.jk.butseriouslybr0. love, hopeless
  6. dear neighbor faggot, if you let your dog shit in my yard one more goddamn time im going to make it a priority to direct all of my shittaking to the hood of your car. and make sure to smear it on real good and thick so that even your windshield wipers wont be able to get that off.your gonna need one of those degumming scrapers and a years supply of brawny paper towels when i get done with you.
  7. those short furry bastards..i bet their fucking foreigners.goddamn europeans are into some weird shit.
  8. wondering where the fuck all of my socks are going.someone is stealing my socks.im sure of it...
  9. idk ive never tried.im white if thats a hint. tpbm has had the hiccups for a period of more than an hour.
  10. <a href=" title="john easley 1989 by _TheRootOfAllEvil_, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4103/4847628388_177049a2a5.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="john easley 1989" /></a>
  11. thank you.props shall be given.btw how did you do that?shit wont let me.
  12. im with you boats.we should get rid of handicapped parking too.i mean those niggas get to use those motorized scooters and shit.we should atleast be able to park in the front spots.i mean its only fair.what distance you walk to get to the store you more than make up for in being allowed to ride around in those kick ass scooters.its not fair. parking spots in general is not fair.why the fuck cant i park on the sidewalk?yall niggas got legs,walk around it.i got places to go and i dont have time to waste spending half my afternoon trying to remember where the fuck i parked/thats bullshit
  13. word.i wouldnt know i havent been down south in a couple years.i miss living down there :( thank god im going back to texas soon...
  14. before i die i wanna fuck jessica alba...in the butt. no vaseline.
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