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  1. I aint tryin to slow yo roll hustla, but back is a pull day, chest is a push, shoulders is a push. most pros do a push/pull/push schedule yadadamean, Works even if you go hard enough to be sore fo days i find and decline should be at least inline with flat,its easier for anyone with an equal chest...work dem dips!
  2. http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-10109_7-6300449-1.html FREEGAMES! Including the marathon series! If anyone can find heroes of might and magic 1 2 or 3 playable on PC anywhere online get at me doods
  3. staby


    Anyone second for a thread on old pc games we all used to enjoy, now free on the internet with some extensive search(heroes of might and magic and whatnot)
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4Iz0TXmmvU&feature=related SICK GLOCK BRA
  5. http://www.datpiff.com/pop-mixtape-player.php?id=m8a506d8&tid=1
  6. NO ONE. can diss based god before listening to this mixtape. i swear you can hate this nigga, but he is the truth ; cormega. lupe fiasco, souljah boy andre nickatina all see something in him, THANK YOU BASED GOD YOU HAVE BLESSED ME WITH COOKING KNOWLEDGE http://www.datpiff.com/The_BasedGod_Lil_B_The_BasedGod_Evil_Red_Flame.m172401.html
  7. A buddy told me about a steroid that has the side effect of enormous butt and traps.... he seems to have the traps rofl. fucking gi joe action figure lookin ass roid monkey..........
  8. Yall know about that iphone app that constantly sends an anti mosquito frequency? Homeboy said it saved his life on camping trip...............
  9. My glove in the winter time buurrrrrrr!
  10. staby

    Medical MJ

    I think ill just stick to my 20$$ eigths of BC preems /no COS
  11. Never be obsessed with a partner/girl/lady/lover When it's time to leave make sure she knows it. The make up sex will be worth it!
  12. Anyone try to punch people or run real fast in a dream and your punches get all weak and you can't run worth shit... messed up ish
  13. staby


    The fucking lego kingdom special edition.my gad.... I woulda done anything for that MAN I never got it though..
  14. staby

    Sinus mumbo

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