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  1. This whole weekend of fights was awesome! Khabilov was a beast, was throwin those suplexes in M-1 as well, so hopefully we see some more in the future, call him the sambo chris benoit. Nelson was awesome, HD was awesome, Pearson makin Sotiropolous do the stanky leg for 3 rounds. Lombard looked good too, should be a good fight if he gets his request for Bisbing. Kinda sucks boring as colton smith won TUF, but Ricci already has a fight lined up. Im thinking 158 will either be awesome, hopefully with GSP showing up to finish, and Rory and Condit lookin to bang, or it will be an awful night of decisions.
  2. Ahaaaa T.U.F. next coaches are Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen. Lookin forward to a season of hilarious shit talking. Not looking forward to an even more one-sided fight than Silva/Bonnar. I wonder what Chaels next move is after 3 losses in a Row.
  3. I hope that fight isn't too little, too late. Even without the possible knee problems coming out of the surgery and the crazy layoff, I think Gsp would have a hard time with Anderson just due to size. I think Silva should take the Weidman fight, really the only mw im interested in seeing him fight right now. Him or Belcher, but hes out for who knows how long. And it would be interesting to see Jon Jones move up, LHW is gonna get reaallllll damn boring by the end of next year.
  4. Damnit Aldo and fuckin Rampage are out. I hope they pull some good moves to save this card. Rough couple months for UFC. But Leben is back in november, and im psyched for that. Always like watching that dude fight.
  5. Yeah this doesn't come anywhere NEAR breaking bad, but it's a welcome distraction in the downtime. I really don't watch much tv, but SOA is one of the few shows that can keep me interested. That and it's always sunny will have to do until next summer haha.
  6. Damn good opener! Wondering if dude is gonna be an ally later on, or be an evil spic pimp from hell. And dude from oz handles his shit ruthlessly! Already super pumped for next episode. Kind of strange they pumped so many new guys in from the nomads, I would have preferred this season to flesh out the prospects a little more. All of them suck, and i'm not looking forward to another season of fatboy driving trucks/vans/cars everywhere haha.
  7. Thats that show about the "mc" from san diego? Only time ive ever seen it was in my hotel room last time i was in Vegas, super lame haha. Im surprised the peckerwood guys havn't tracked dude down and whooped his ass for claiming east county for a fake club on a reality show haha.
  8. Well, its not anywhere as good, but at least this can fill the Breaking Bad void for a bit. Heard Joel Mchale is joining the cast this season.
  9. I got fired a couple months back, but it was my own damn fault haha. I started fucking off at my job on purpose cuz i had something better lined up, just didn't show up the last few days. New job was gonna hook me up with a truck, better pay and pay for gas/ hotel. Go in to take my drug test, get popped for alcohol from the celebration the night before like a moron. So not only do I miss out on the job, I burned my bridge at my shitty previous one. And construction isn't really poppin off these days. I do know one thing, nothing makes you feel like a bigger shitbag then places like mcdonalds won't even pick you up for the short run haha.
  10. As far as I can tell, Sonnen was only getting the chance because other lhw's turned it down on such short notice. I agree that he's not amazing, but still top 5 in my opinion, and dude knows how to sell himself and a fight! I think Jones is dumb for not taking the fight just based on money alone! And Silva starting to talk about big money fights and all that is pretty dumb too. He's never gonna get a cut from ppv and live gate as big as the Sonnen fight again, unless he does the GSP fight.
  11. Yeah i'm pretty sure both him and Silva have both warmed to the idea, have mentioned the possibility recently. But who knows how it would play out, if GSP loses to condit you would think he would want to regain his title before taking a fight with Silva. Or worst case scenario, he fucks his knee up again with this fight and is out for lord who knows how long. If Dana is any sort of smart, he would line these two up at the show they want to have at cowboys stadium, throw another title fight on it and rake in the dough.
  12. I really don't see any way in hell Chael gets the W tho.... The man lost to Forrest last time he was at LHW for fucks sake! Also, I really don't think the Silva/Jones fight ever happens. Silva's manager said he offered to move up and fight any lhw BUT Jones to save 151. Silva has a couple of worthy contenders lining up at middle weight, and is also lookin for the GSP super fight. Silva/Jones have never seemed to excited about fighting eachother, "respect" issues aside, Silva wants to go out on top and Jones seems waayyyy to worried about his legend so early in his career. Hes running out of opponents and will probably look at moving up to HW by 2014.
  13. Do not understand why Jones said no, easy money. I like Chael but no way he beats JJ on that short of notice, probably not even close with a full camp behind him. And this bs Jones is saying he didnt have enough time to train for Chael is crap. Youve been training for Hendo, arguably a better wrestler with ko power Sonnen doesn't have. Don't wanna hear Jones bitch about PPV sales/ who he fights again. Zero Respect for the bum.
  14. Jukka


    Thanks for the reply Peanut! I guess my problem isn't really relating, just feeling pressured to "share" when i really just wanna take in advice. I'm in California, So-cal particularly. Ive been to a grip of dif. meetings in town, maybe i just have to head to a bigger city, maybe SD to find what im lookin for. Thank all of you guys for contributing tho.... I appreciate it.
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