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Breaking Bad


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Hank is going to remember ^^ all these times, and its going to eat at him.


I like the reference he made about "chasing monsters", which ended up being Walt. Fucking this show is amazing.















WHAT A FUCKING CLIFF HANGER!!!!! Hank is going to figure out that Walt got all the cars and car wash from this, and that Skylar is in on it.


My theory as to whats going to happen: Hank is going to confront Walt, or Walt is going to atleast find out that Hank knows, either by seeing the book out of place or open, or just by Hanks reaction when he gets back to the table/ leaving suddenly maybe? Walt is then going to kill Hank with the ricin, making it look like a suicide, which is why they had that Scene with Hank and Mike with the Movie playing with the line....."When a cop kills himself, they want a full report."


"In the season 5 episode of Breaking Bad titled “Say My Name,” the film Mike is watching during the DEA raid of his home is Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat (1953), a film noir about a cop who investigates the apparent suicide of a fellow police officer, only to find himself taking on a powerful crime syndicate while also trying to protect his family."


Gomez is going to the be the one to investigate his best friend/ co workers death. Gomez will be hunting Walt, as well as the Pheonix people, who are going to be after Walt ,becuase he is going to go on the run after the shit goes on with Hank. A


Also I can see the russian mob coming after Walter too, once the flow stops and Walt goes on the run, that would just be the icing on the cake. the police, the phoenix crew, and the russian mob all after Heisenberg for not keeping the flow of meth coming?



I really think this is the outcome of this situation. Walt is going to do the unthinkable, murdering his brother in law for getting to close. which will be the last straw driving his family away.

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Fucking awesome episode!


They also played one of my favourite songs in the scene where they're sat around the pool. Up the Junction by Squeeze, it's about a guy who falls in love, they have a kid then 'the devil came and took him' his girl packed up, took the kid and refuses to contact him. Could be Skylar innit.


I'm not gonna make any predictions yet, I definitely want to watch it again.

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One word for hank figuring it out...FINALLY.



The cooking scene is always on point and the music was perfect. I also liked how they showed all te houses being tented although I find it hard to believe it would all take place in that neighborhood.


For some reason I counted 11 people killed in prison, is that right?


There is no logical way that Walt can get out the game. Telling skylar that he's out is just nonsense to shut her up. He has to cook for Declan and the people in Europe now. Looks like Todd knows the recipe now so next season we shall see what happens with that.


At least they showed that Walt still cares about Jessie. It looks like he's using again though which in my mind was unnecessary. Getting out the game is not a reason to start using again. Who knows, I'm not a junkie...



Predictions for next season are...


1. Walt tries to stay out the game and gets run out of town by Declan/euro mob/dea.

2. Declan kidnaps Jessie and forces him to cook

3. If #2 doesn't work out I could see Todd and his connects becoming the new bosses and one of Walts kids gets kidnapped. That will be the reason he buys the LMG.


4. Hank will likely get murdered the way HUSK mentioned but I'm not sure how Walt will find out how he knows.



Well, it's been fun folks. See you in a year. In the meantime I'll be watching football/boardwalk empire/breaking bad S 1-4.

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Wow. Just finished.


I noticed this painting made a comeback.




Had a hand over mouth thing going when the 9 prisoners got shanked. Raw. Wow.


I've never been a Jesse supporter. He's fucked up since the first episode telling crazy 8 and the other guy Walt's whole story. Walt needed someone like Todd all along but not much drama there so no TV show.


I think it ended beautifully. Up until Hank on the can. The White house has been dark in all scenes of this season but in the end of this episode it was bright.


Notice blue tones throughout the episode.


Also. Def playing this in my 68 Caddy tomorrow.



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I think it just shows how even though he's been elusive this whole time, something as careless as to leaving a book of the person he had killed, in his house, after the fact, Walt knew they were investigating the death. Was just careless on Walt's behalf. His ego has sprung to large, to the point where he thinks he is untouchable, and something as careless as that, is what brings him down. It shows something more than Hank being smart. He hasn't caught him this whole time. Walts been a step ahead at every turn, and this portrays to me that Hank is a smart cop, but not smart enough for Heisenberg. Thus being the way he found out, working for me, because it just shows that even the best make mistakes. This one happens to be a very big, big mistake.


I do think Hank might actually not do anything about it. Now that I think of it. Hank will realize that it's not only Walt, and that Skylar is in on it too. Like Saul Goodman said. DEA agents brother in law is the elusive Heisenberg drug kingpin they've been tracking? Thats just got channel 12 new cover story written all over it. Hank I think is too smart to go open a case up on his brother in law. How bad will that look for him? Walt's been too the office, they've had a donation cup for Walt and his cancer treatment. He's been to their office. I think it will just be too much for Hank. He will either commit suicide? Maybe get bought out with money, and become a DEA mole? Fuck i hope so!

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Maybe the cancer is back?^^^ shown for a reason?


Definitely think so. Funny Dr. Delcavoli's office is so nice, you'd think they'd replace that beat up paper-towel dispenser after close to a year...


Also, the Bin Laden comment may have been a writing flub. This show started in 2008 and supposedly only a year has gone by....


Also, Hank finding out, I thought the "flashback" edit was funny. I was hoping it was going to show all the obvious scenes ("what's in this bag a ton of bricks?" "Half a million in cash", the car wreck at the laundry, "maybe he's still out there" the stuff missing from school...) I might make an edit for fun. It'd be funny to see ALL the clue scenes played out.


Agreed Hank is fucked. I think he'll take his bosses orders and try to shift to other cases like they wanted. But whether it's going to fuck him or not he was right, and after all of Mike's guys end up dead they're going to be all "Congrats Hank we should have listened!" He'll be all, "no, you were right, it's case closed... Can we please move on?"


Now what do we do for the next year?

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I see your reasoning HUSK and I agree with you...but I find it hard to believe that hank would be in the bathroom reaching for "leaves of grass" rather than a sports magazine or something.



The Final scene.





True, I do see what your saying, but Hank didn't know what the book was, just sort of reaching behind him to see what was there, not specifically looking for a sports mag.Coincidence, that just happens as Walt is starting get (or atleast acting) things back together, family wise and all this money is coming in.. i don't think there was even a sports one there. Maybe but it looked more like a boat magazine and maybe some home magazine? I guess it doesn't matter, but I read this online and it pretty much sums it up for me.





"The most tragic outcome, it turns out, is not that the world comes apart when you’re at the top. It’s that the soft landing you’ve engineered, after everything has been taken care of and made right, refuses to materialize. It’s that you are your own loose end."

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Also did anyone else think that Mikes head was going to be in the bag during this scene?




I mean I didn't think it was, buy they made it seem like that was a possibility, or at least that Jesse was thinking maybe it was Mike.


inside the mid season ending - gliding over all

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