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Breaking Bad


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I think it fits perfectly. It works to show how irrational Walt has become, and his ego has got the best of him now. He is making short sighted decisions, because everything has gone to his head now. It also shows him with some sound of regret in his voice, but we all know that is short lived, because he is going to cover this up, by just spreading lies about meeting Mike. His world is crumbling apart slowly, and everyone he knows, is starting to see him spiral out of control.


"No more half measures Walt"






and with Todd saying forget the money for now and taking notes, I saw that as him showing Walt he was eager to please and, that he was willing to do anything to live up to Walt's expectations...y'know in case killing a kid didn't drive that message home. I think for sure he'll have a hand in Walt's downfall but the way Walt is going it doesn't look like he's gonna need much help.


RIP Mike, I'll miss his surly face.

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Shortfuse, you are right on the money with the stuff with Todd. Not wanting money, makes Walt see it as, more money for him , and not the big picture, as to maybe Todd's Uncle (his connections)knows the position Todd is in, and will maybe use him as a puppet to learn the cook, and essentially be able to take over the operation once Walt is gone. Walt doesn't see this. I also think that Todd's people in jail will take care of the snitches ( 9 guys locked up) for Walt, and this will go to Walt's head even more,(by being able to have people kill people in jail for him...EGO BOOST!) but not see that Todd and too many outsiders are getting too close, and like someone said. Blue meth is the best product on the market, they all know this, and they won't hesitate to jump on an opportunity to take over.

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Also guys I might be crazy, but bare with me here......



Look at this shot.







Walt's head. It's the biggest out of the 3. Showing that everything has gone to his head now. Egotistical maniac. Hot head. untouchable. Like i read somewhere online, this does not bode well for Jesse. Someone said that only one person will be left standing at the end of the show, (between Jesse, Mike, and Walt) By Walt's head being the biggest, Most or at least I like to think he will be the last one standing, he broke bad, he's the best.... he deeed it!. But, my guts saying as most peoples, is that Jesse, the underdog of this whole series, the one who just took shit from Walt at every turn, will be the last one standing. The underdog.

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Love Mike, almost as much as TUCO

But shit, he went against pretty much everything he stood for after Freeineg's Death. I know it's tv and all, but cmon son on some of the shit he did, or went along with.. Greed



Also,the last season is going to be epic. There's so much that needs to happen, and 8 episodes isn't a lot. Especially when his fat cunt wife and retard son take up 20 minutes of every episode.

Hope they show who Fring was in the past..

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Jesse sympathizes with Skyler, he's essentially in the same boat, partner-turned-hostage. Hiding the methylamine under the car wash he looked back at her in a "feel her pain" type of way. I could see them teaming up to scheme something since both of them are now scared of Walt but are also both in too deep to snitch.


RIP Mike. Goddamn I'm going to miss him. I wonder if since he's dead will they bother to explain what happened in philly? Hopefully Lydia gets it next. She grates on my nerves.


I thought when Hank referred to 'Philly' he was talking about the wife beater incident? Hank tried to use it as dirt on him when Mike was at DEA

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http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1200614022 < skylers tits and babies being thrown into some lake.


Todds uncle is going to be so important its not even funny. I feel like the blue meth will get into the prison and thats gonna be the last straw. Hank and Mexican Kramer are gonna convince everyone to get back on the case. Todds little notebook is gonna get everyone in a lot of trouble. and that spider is gonna kill walt.

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THIS. HAHAHA yessss Stringer.


AND how about Todd keeping the stupid tarantula??? Kids prints inside the jar??????


Did not think about that...I mean they did bring out that Todd has the jar. Maybe it will be the big todo towards the end. Or it could help Walt and/or Jessie when the heat gets really bad to shift the stolen chem totally onto Todd and his families crime ring. Either that or Todd is going to get killed and huge heat from a whole other area will come Walts way, which would explain the gun in Ep 1.


As for the note pad...I keep going back and forth as to whether or not its a bad thing. I mean the first guy had the lab notes. It does show that Todd has a want to learn and a dedication to it all. Plus showing he doesnt care about money and just cares about the cause could just be that hes like "When youre big and at the top, remember what I did for you."


I understand mikes need for financial closure over the whole deal. I think since Fring died Walt really screwed up Mikes real plan. I think Mike was happy with Fring and the security he found there but unhappy he was still in the Biz when it came to his grand daughter. I think he still had a plan to get out and was so close to doing so but then Walt killed Fring. So really I dont think it was over all greed that made him compromise his principles. I think it was the drive to just get a set amount of money for his grand daughter and disappear. Walt just kept getting them into more long lasting business relationships that kept making it harder to be free from it all.

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The writer's might be trying to get the viewers to hate Walt's guts as much as fucking possible before he goes through some sort of redemption and realizes what he's done before it's too late. In that type of scenario, I could see Jessie or Walt Jr. getting killed as the catalyst for his wake up call. My money is on Jessie dying before the end. He's too likable, just like Mike.

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Public enemy. Thats a good point. Now that you say this, this could be a perfect scenario. Someone close to Walt gets killed, and this is why he is coming back (buying the M-62) with a vengeance. He was ran out of a town, but whoever was/is after him got to someone he loved. Which drew him out to get pay back (redemption)





Jesse: Vamanos!


Skyler: ..I wish.

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FUCK YES!!!!!!!


For all those that love the original score. It's been released August 28th.




Preview it here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/breaking-bad-original-score/id553068780




My favorite:

Dave Porter “Cleaning House”





Breaking Bad: Original Score From the Television Series

1. "Breaking Bad Main Title Theme (Extended)"

2. "Matches In The Pool"

3. "Smoking Jesse's Pot"

4. "Gray Matter"

5. "The Morning After"

6. "Three Days Out"

7. "Vent"

8. "Baby's Coming"

9. "Jane's Demise"

10. "The Cousins"

11. "Hank In Pursuit"

12. "The Long Walk Alone (Heisenberg's Theme)"

13. "Searching For Jesse"

14. "Aztek"

15. "Four Corners / Waiting For The End"

16. "Jesse In Mexico"

17. "Crawl Space"

18. "Parking Garage Standoff"

19. "Cleaning House"

20. "Disassemble"



Dave Porter - The Morning After


Dave Porter "crawl space"

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"Probably the most notable moment of last night’s episode for me (in an episode with many notable moments) because, really, how long has it been since Walt has had that expression on his face regarding any of the horrible things he’s done? He’s a monster, for sure, but one who is occasionally shocked into recognizing just how far astray things have gone."

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