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  1. Huell's Rules from Lavell Crawford A new show -with Huell stuck in the safe house.
  2. More of Breaking Bads GENIUS!!! The crying clown seen as a foreshadow of of what Walt will become... All this comes from Walt. Also seen as Jesse becoming Gus, in a way, and also Walt, by being forced to cook meth. Finally if anyone caught the last scene in Ozymandias. The dog symbolizing Walter is lost, without a home, or family- Becoming a stray dog. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHu5cwUkLrk
  3. On the point of Jesse looking for cameras. This scene is worked out perfectly. It just shows how careless and emotional he is, to where he doesn't think at all, and just runs for it. Where as walt is meticulous with everything, and plans his every move. He would of known to look for cameras and go about it smarter than Jesse. It fits Jesse perfectly for him to be careless and full of emotion, to just scramble his way out of there. You got to remember, he's been in a nazi cage pit for at least a couple weeks to a month. Being beaten to a pulp, than treated like a "rabid dog" tied up and caged,
  4. Amazing video!! Breaking Bad - Whispering
  5. My theory (I have a few) as to whats going to happen is as follows. Walt will go back for his money. Killing everyone there, and find jesse, Jesse is like a son to Walt, since the beginning he's been more of a son than Walt Jr. has been. He will save Jesse, thinking he can redeem himself and they could move on. Jesse will kill Walt. Sort of like a greek tragedy, dying at the hands of his "son". Ever since the beginning everything that has happened to Jesse has been because of Walt. Now that he knows everything, there is nothing left for him to do but kill Walt. Walt did come to Jesse to
  6. "times are getting hard, boys money’s getting scarce times don’t get no better, boys gonna leave this place." ^ This point symbolizes Jesse letting go,becoming aware that he is about to die.Jesse looks to the sky and notices two birds circling, almost as a metaphor, for Jesse is on his way to be with Jane again. Breaking Bad and Walter White Apologists "The approach that makes sense — that seems reasonable, given what we know about this show, which for all its stylization is realistic about the messiness of psychology — is that Walter i
  7. Breaking Bad’s EP Vince Gilligan on the Plans For the Saul Goodman Spinoff Here’s the Spoilers For Breaking Bad Posted by Jim Halterman at TV Fanatic on Sept.13th, 2013. TVF: We got the news of the Saul Goodman spinoff this week. What’s the tone of the show going to be since Saul tends to lean more towards the comedic side of things? VG: I don’t think it’s going to be an out-and-out comedy but I think there is going to be more laughs and more comedic than certainly Breaking Bad was, though that’s not saying a lot, is it? But we always put as much humor as we could fit i
  8. Make a deal with the devil. Price on your head. Put your money where your mouth is. There will be blood! 5x11/5x14 Breaking Bad HOCKEY JERSEYS!!!!!! http://www.geekyjerseys.com/store.php
  9. Breaking Bad Ozymandias Trailer (Watch to understand the Episode)
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