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  1. Penblwydd Hapus lovely girl! Glad the world is being good to you, I hope you got everything you require and desire x
  2. Drinking tea and avoiding work, not much changes. Can someone please explain the whole Kaepernick thing to me? Why are people so upset about kneeling?
  3. I miss that thing where if you hovered the cursor over the thread title you could read the first post, thereby, you could decide if the thread was worthy of reading before actually committing to a click. Commitment is for losers.
  4. How fucking serendipitous! Cymru am byth
  5. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear NOES, Better late than never, innit? - promisekeeperextraordinaire Dear aggressive robin that's been chirping outside my bedroom window for the past 3 hours, kindly, fuck off. I hope a mangy street cat guts you and uses your gnarled feet as a back scratcher. - grumpyasfuck
  6. grd

    Dear ________,

    Dear Oontz, what's good? I miss all your imaginary faces that I've created for you in the recesses of my mind. I shall endeavour to make more of an effort to be present. No promises though, life innit. grd
  7. Eating out of season strawberries and drinking tea, trying to sober up.
  8. grd

    12oz collapsed?

    Ooh look at all the shiny new buttons an that.
  9. I knew there'd be a Tinder thread. Saw this and thought of you reprobates... The Tinder Diaries
  10. Still bitter(and hungover) after Sunday. Still, we have the best fans in the fucking world...and a dragon.
  11. grd

    what. the .....

    Spotted dick and custard is fucking rad. Other than that I have nothing to add.
  12. I watched like one, maybe two of this last season and gave up. Remember when I used to say it didn't drag? Yeah, I was wrong. It hasn't been the same without Jimmy. I really miss looking at Michael Pitt's pasty face.
  13. I don't know if I'm alive, dead, dying or just a little jaded.
  14. Rest in Peace Relapser. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
  15. It's odd, I've started rooting for Walt again and I think I've come to quite like Skylar. The cripple is still a superfluous twonk but I'm hoping for the finale he gets tooled up and runs into DEA gun fire to save his dad.
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