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  1. The main ingredients in krokodil are codeine, iodine, and red phosphorous. The latter is the stuff that's used to make the striking part on matchboxes. Sometimes paint thinner, gasoline, and hydrochloric acid are thrown into the mix. hmm, so you're saying matches and gas aren't available here? and as for it's origins, we made it first Desomorphine didn't originate in Russia; the potent painkiller was patented in the United States in 1934. Codeine isn't available in illinois without a prescription. And as far as i know, most states are the same. The disgusting girls that s
  2. Im calling total bullshit scare tactics etc. One of the main ingredients you got to use to make it is over the counter in russia. Its not in the us. Also, I really doubt theres any market here. Streets are flooded with good, cheap smack..Nobody wants this shit
  3. For some reason meth never hit Chicago.. I heard the gangbangers dont want it here cuz they make too much $ on coke. Who knows if thats true or not, but that shit isn't around. Seems like its huge everywhere but here. Guess thats a good thing. Rip to all those guys
  4. I think Hank is gonna off himself..And hopefully someone kills walts family. Thats the only thing he wants, he says. I just started season 3 of the wire. Idk, not as good as I was expecting after hearing all the comparisons.
  5. This is the last time I'll ever respond to you I dont know what a "joto" is. But I get the feeling that you couldn't wait to point out something I GUESSED wrong at. What a toy. You've proven you don't even know the basics of hockey numerous times. A waste of space you are. Congrats Silba, Boats and all the other Hawks fans. Also, to Boston fans, was a great series. Lots of respect for you guys. Only team I really didn't want to see the hawks play.. Anyway till next year, its been fun...
  6. Congrats Boston fans. This series is most likely over. Hawks haven't played 30 min, let alone 60. Theyre needs to be an option to decline the power play. Hawks cant score. Theyre lucky to get a shot on net on the pp. They need to plant all 3 fwd's in front of Rask to have any chance at scoring. Was a good run..
  7. Prob last post until series is over. Hawks really need their first line to start playing if they want any chance of winning this series. Quenville needs to have his shit in order and have the right people ready since we get the last change the first 2 games. That shit might make/break the series right there. Toews has been hot garbage all playoffs (1 goal, i still think he has a sprained hand etc from a slash in the det series) Hossa hasn't been doing much. Never seen his timing off like this, but he looks a step behind and his passes are 2-3ft in front of the target. Wtf dude. Hawks
  8. BIG win tonight.. Really would like to watch the other series.. Poor pittsburgh...Lawls ^^^ I know its not over yet, but hawks/bos should be pretty decent. Hate to say it, but Boston looks to have their shit together at the right time
  9. Game 3 is going to be the hardest game to win in the series once again. Im calling a game 3 loss, and game 4 win. Close it out in Chicago. LA looked like shit once again- but this series isn't over, yet. They did it once already this year. And La fans on that hockey message board are the most clueless fans ive seen so far. Cant imagine theres too many people that can hold a conversation about hockey in LA, but what the fuck do i know
  10. Probably about as mad as you get when San Jo shits the bed every year. Couldn't help myself Wow, did LA look like dogshit. 2 shots in 1 period??? Makes you wonder where they would've finished if they didn't have Quick in net. Still think the series will go 6 most likely. CROSBY IS A STILL A FAGGOT FOR ALL THOSE THAT FORGOT. SO IS COOKE
  11. Ain't even worth it.We've been down this road plenty of times already
  12. mosluggo


    Can anyone post the article on Kerse that was in Mass Appeal I think, about 10 years ago?? know someone has it or knows what im talking about
  13. Rafi might want to not target anywhere near the head area at this point. He's a well known piece of shit and will get suspended for any hit similar to that one. San Jo LOL going out in typical CHOKE fashion shit is pathetic at this point it would make it hard to route for them as a fan. Same shit as Vancouver
  14. Man, thats brutal dude. Didn't get to see it but from what I've read sounds like one of the biggest choke jobs ever, before one of the greatest comebacks ever.. Taking the Hawks in 6, and who knows after that. Really don't know who I'd rather see sj or la.. Prob san jo. The fold around this time of the year for some reason.. And lol at Ovechkin. He'll never win a cup on that team-
  15. So this guy shows up to pick up hockey this morning, can barely skate, all new gear, but no cage. After everyone realizes he didnt know the rules of the game or what offsides is, everyone tries to help him out by explaining things while on the bench between shifts... I heard a couple guys mention he should really put a cage on his helmet. Unfortunately no one told him not to stand in front of the net, and have no fucking clue what was going on.......because about 10 minutes after being there he takes a slapper from the point right in the fucking face. Dropped like he had been shot. Bl
  16. Boats, here's a little history lesson about the hawks as I understand it. The Wirtz family owns them. Old man Wirtz could not have been much worse of a owner. He was really cheap, and wouldn't have home games televised so more people would go to the games. It didn't matter since he wasn't putting any $ into the team anyway. It really pissed off a lot of the die hard fans. When he died in 07, the team was taken over by his kid, peter. The Wirtz family is involved with a bunch of different shit, but liquor is their money maker. They get 33% of ALL LIQUOR SOLD IN ILLINOIS. Anyway, So peter I gues
  17. Not sure exactly how the back end is going to finish - but hoping for the wangs or min in the 1st round. ill pass on columbus
  18. Not a big fan of the re-alighnment (?) at all... Think only 1 or 2 games vs. detroit per year????GTFO Love how when the hawks last played Minny and Colorado, the announcers mentioned several times how there was a rivalry between the 2 teams.. Gtfo again, aint no rivalry going on with Chi and Col, Or min. A rivalry is pit/phi chi/det etc this shit is garbage imo And is Perry getting suspended?? Really hope so, Anaheim needs to start losing.. And he's gone with the fuckton Getslaf just got id imagine...
  19. Toews is a goddamn pimp ^ Great game to go to Seabrook who tipped the puck into a wide open net for his 3rd goal of the year and the Hawks 18th win. If you watch the replay below you can see Toews using the reflection of the glass to find where Seabs is. Seabrook didn't even have to shoot the puck, all he had to do was keep his stick on the ice. This was just a beautiful play.
  20. IDK Doing Dmt at a concert sounds like the worst idea ever.. By far the best drug i've done so far.. Looking forward to doing it a lot more..
  21. This thread blows. That other hockey forum, the good one, had 19 pages for the hawks in game thread the other day alone lool. Pretty good so far.. Don't like Karlsson as our backup.. Hopefully Crawford's not concussed too bad.. Outdoor college games es were pretty fun..
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