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  1. Thanks! Went off grid for a while but returned! I still need to shoot you an email.
  2. This is weird. Could forums come back? Sure why not. Tons of niche things have their own little communities. You're always going to have people who like to drink Bud Light, but you will always have people who want locally sourced artisanal sour beer. Think Reddit / Facebook being Bud Light, and this place being the Artisanal beer. Smaller markets, but people who are really into it will seek it out, and gather, and make memes.
  3. I realized I have been on this website for 12+ years.
  4. nice tailor shot. funny Rome has now passed NYC as the longest running system completely covered in panels. 20+ years.
  5. WOah, shameless, ginger bread man, whats up my dudes? Maybe we can have a ressurection. Also, why 2chainz? also, porn on here, lots of it. thats new. This used to be a place to get girls to post tits, not the other way around.
  6. Yeah, Im actually looking at end of summer. Well have to catch up outside of here but yeah Im fairly certain I can come out.
  7. Well, whats good? Havent been on here in years. Who's still here?
  8. Oh my days. I cant believe Im back. This is decent, no wet t-shirt thread, but certainly good material.
  9. its romania. sometimes its piss easy, sometimes its not. same goes foe everywhere.
  10. its a poppy. for Remembrance day. Apparently only Canada and the UK still celebrate this/wear poppies?
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