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  1. MANE? get real...the one and only MANESTAR BSA TFD ChI-Rock Nation. R.I.P.
  2. Did anyone hear Odenkirk was getting his own show as a spin off? Im sure theres no validity to the statement but I guess the saul Goodman character is getting his own spin off show.... Looks good on paper, didn't anyone else hear this dick tease of a rumor.... Odenkirk was flawless in BB....Couldn't have portrayed a slimeball backdoor lawyer any better... And the transition from Mr show with Bob and David was quite a leap.....But it worked , flawlessly... And whats to happen of Badger and Skinny pete? I mean damn yo, I thought it was you cookin' mr. white....Laser beam assassins...BOOM!
  3. 4.5 is almost a "5' Bed...So 50% aint bad my man...Did you show her the "executive" suite?
  4. EOTO at the concord in Chi on the 16th...any you crusty heads gonna make that one?
  5. Yea Cracked- I just saw some in metal heads, I think it was NicksandDimes thread.... Those are the ones ()-(BFTX) Much thanks.
  6. homie I still owe you a pack! pm me. cycle whole car. TA whole car MFG crew x2 ALL THOSE GOLDEN WEST BOXES------- Coupe lives crow-
  7. rad post homie.. fuckin CAVS Lopro Met and The Alphabet Children x2!
  8. Wow that thing is still runnin' strong! That's awesome.. Not toyed out-dissed out or anything..Look at that 90's krylon still holdin' fast and kickin much ass..Beautiful... We used to pull a similar style car that was outfitted in an all black paint job......When I worked for CSX we would call the black ones "garbage cars" too...I was told a lot of them we moved were full of debris from the Twin towers after the 9/11 thing..Apparently the trash and debris was so much of an over load that they were not dumping it in their normal "go to" dumps of the area..even with new jersey being so close!!! ha...The ones I puled were absolutely crushed in NY graff, and I beleive had the letters NY in the reporting marks...Does anyone have flicks of the ones im referencing?????/
  9. "A Black Heart on the Appalachian Trail" by TJ Forrester.. I just read that "Into The Wild" book about that guy Chirstopher McCandless, AKA Alexander Supertramp, which is KeepItTrail's fuckin' cousin or brother, or some kind of blood relative to KIR....The dude travels and survives comfortably on little to zero loot.. And when he needs money he's not afraid to knock on a few doors and say hey, can I do some work for you? I'm traveling cross country and am pretty broke. Or he will just work at random farms as a farmhand, or doing the grunt work nobody else wants to do, coppin' $200 and beatin' it on down the road to the next bar, next town, next adventure. His self reliance and confidence keeps him as comfortable as you can be traveling Jack Kerouac style acrossed the United States of America.. But next to the "Into The Wild" was this "Black Heart On the Appalachian Trail" book......... In the Book, This guy is in prison for dealing dope, and by no means is a bad human being, a clean and pure soul that has the mind of a hippie hustler, mixed with a bit of a guy that's not known to back down from a fight type of personality... An all round pure definition of a "Man". The type that most graff writers would come to respect... While in prison he receives a letter from an attorney saying basically, your father has died, please come to Texas on your release date to tie up the loose ends here involving your fathers death.... He arrives at the attorneys office and realizes his father left him eleven thousand dollars in his will....Not enough to make a major play with.... Knowing this, his plotting , planning and dreaming of someday hiking the Appalachian Trail is now within reach..Hes got no strings at this point and has no excuses for not doing it....After fucking some one legged hooker and beating the shit out of a meth head that tried to steal his dog, hes ready to go...The book is written in first hand narrative style as the author tells about all the ILL SHIT that goes on hiking the Appalachian Trail start to finish..ILL shit. The guys not afraid of banging some hookers every now and then also...This book is the shit, all you oontzers out there that like doing multiple day hikes and like getting out there and sleeping in National parks need to pick up a copy of this..This book has some straight off the wall hippie sex and murders...Defintely a recommendation if youre into the outdoors, hiking, traveling broke, free love, exploring the Unted states via National Parks and the like..Abusing drugs and alcohol, keeping your values and morality while using drugs and liquor, being a resourceful man, being a man, staying fit and a bit rough around the edges, holding your own and just flat out being a boss and being broke doing it....
  10. BrothaLynch , check the premise of this thread..... Questionably unquestionable..
  11. he was quoted saying "I've found a NEW hobby"........ I don't even know what to say, I guess you befriend the guy and just leech, and be a total parasite to the kids 10 grand paint shipment he gets, but THIS type of shit defines the shittiness of the day and age of internet culture...... ANY subculture available at ones fingertips with zero effort. There is no more hitting the streets and doing your own research. Rest in peace to all of that... Not going to cry or hate on this one, this will be this months fad, and next month it will be him discovering fixed gear bikes and wheat pasting, it will be two months tops in the 'game", then fade away just like all great toys do....I'm feeling so much more of a cool guy now that I had my art form validated by this guy. All the girls that ignored me and laughed me off in high school are gonna come arunnin'.......I'm anxiously waiting next to my "landline" phone and awaiting my next HS reunion with open arms... Laughable.
  12. Also trash the gorditas...midget also gets it, as it being awesome bragging rights
  13. Hate fuck the william of cyrus daughter no question....you all are full of shit ...you would dive into and raw dog it, bust up in it and then make her do those yoga pregnancy excercises like the bitch in The Big Lebowski..
  14. Haven't been on the twelver in awhile..look at the awsome shit I missed. KIR did you end up going to Furthur at red rocks last month? I think we discussed that months ago..back to the topic at hand, the fish are going to help quite a bit and im impressed with the inginuity.....like someone mentioned, peel that face back a bit to help the fisholas grind sessions. .........steal your face coyote!
  15. Man cop you some renters insurance..definitely not a scam by any means....I used to go through state farm and its was 14 , 15bucks for the monthly nutt.ive used it one time in five yyears but it payed for itself thats for sure..sleep easy friend, or whatever that commercial says...
  16. Wow..haven't been on the twelve regularly for awhile. The money! I could only imagine..great vids.
  17. God damn..that's about as classy as it gets while participating in a mass exodus from the motherland.
  18. Went to Pisgaugh mountains area..blue ridge parkway area.....hooked up with the ex who is a park ranger there. I got drunk , the dog got fatter..the only thing I lost was my faith in Kelty packs..
  19. You just kept me hangin on....rip lou reed...warhol is waiting with open arms...
  20. Bricko! Holiday in Cambodia? That's tough kid but its life.....
  21. Budweiser casket for the win.....and god damn RIP Rips......I want my daily dose of Hood Anthem bangers that nurga posted on the reg..... Rips2? shhhhh ....aint nobody gonna say shit......
  22. keep shit stains in my drawers so I can keep shit funkay fa ya.....Old Dirt McGurt Dirty Bastardo
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