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  1. Yo Horse what was your Flickr again? I hate to leave here after so long but your photos (and everyone else's) don't show up... And Mods the features at the top sometimes look interesting but they just give me a big gray screen when I click em.
  2. i'm not into dry snitching myself out but since you're bout it go ahead. you're fucking delusional if you think your shit looks better than dog vomit. Bitch.
  3. advice: quit. now. if you try that shit in TN I swear to god my boys will fuck you up beyond recognition, take your paint your shoes all you got lil bitch. I hope MFK or or some KY heads fuck you up
  4. i forgot to say that as well, some days the pics show up but today they're all question marks.
  5. can't click on the featured articles... can't get my other name back... site is clunky, and drue is back to draw more whaledog sublime font letterzzz along with financial standings
  6. mesko necs puzle... if i could get my old sn back i miiiight post.. either way thanks
  7. not possible. unless they toys like you. why all these new toys need someone to hold their hand? fucking go paint solo you fucking pussy, take your own advice, "do graffiti"...
  8. Really? Just me? Well Jack Handy feels the same and we're like 2 of 10 people who even still posted freights before the change. Sorry
  9. This was a bloodywishes post, I don't know why this reverted to an old account. This pains me as I love this place but this new format is too clunky, it took me forever just to get back on here. I may make a final fr8 post, but if this gives me problems then this was my last... peace
  10. What the fuck.. I can't even figure out how to quote... And this format is terrible, and why did everyone revert back to old screen names? I think I'm out too, which is unfortunate because I'm sitting on over 300 flicks I was going to post during the revamp.
  11. Streaks This one goes out to the 5-10 people still here. horse cock, nicklesanddimes, whoever else. Fuck insta. Peace
  12. Damn that kid hasn't been dealt with yet? This been going on about a year right?
  13. I wish it was still like I'd go out then come home and have to catch up on multiple threads and posts. Fuck an insta
  14. Jase Apart Jest Geso Next Deer Thanks for the update I'll have a new thread soon
  15. That Haeler is fire... Post more this whole site is dying
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