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  1. Surprised no one answered, and I'd venture to presume you've figured it out. But in case anyone else wonders anything similar in the future, usually it'll be your standard "Mexican Market" mozzarella, or not mozzarella at all, but cotija. My local market carries this brand:
  2. Came to bump the fuck out of that light specifically.
  3. Finally considering putting down the booze, at least for a little bit. Went on a drunken rampage on Friday night, pissed off everyone in the only bar in town I like, to the point I woke up Saturday morning with 4 slashed tires and had to spend a few hundred bucks I didn't have on new tires and rims. This should be the last straw. Hopefully the shakes don't try to sway me away.
  4. Cause drinking is ripping away most everything in my life at the moment, but I'm not lettin my beer go. For now.
  5. Sitting in the bar drinking 3.2 waiting for my clothes to finish drying.
  6. Drink mad beer. Do hella drugs. Die and nothin happens. Life is heaven and hell. Fuck errone.
  7. Just paid $1.79 for regular. Last week we were lower, heard some shit about us being the cheapest in the nation that week.
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