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  1. I dunno where my old login went, maybe I had Raven switch it at one time. who's all still here? good memories here of goofing off. what i was thinking of recently was that call in show?? The Lucid View? don't remember too much beyond all of us fucking with them anytime they went live. so much shit went down on here back in the day. i'll probably forget i even posted this and won't check back (still high). later
  2. this is SpreadAIDS don't ever recall merging my account? i can't even scroll thru this place normally anymore. getting old?
  3. hey i'm right here. still alive and can't log into that name. haven't been on this shit in ages.
  4. whoosh. that's the sound of the sugar glider pic going over everyones head. get it? no, really, get it?
  5. Hey, thanks for asking. Can't even recall really when I stopped oontzing, life outside of the internet took over I guess. (thankfully) In the past bunch of years I have completed 2 college degrees. I spend my days now painting in my studio. That's pretty much all I do now. I definitely miss the old oontz days, things sure have changed, nothing but pop ups and other ads now here it seems. Oh well. :cool:
  6. ...anyone still use this shit even? :o
  7. dirtydoses


    please don't use spray paint or reproduce ever again.
  8. it's not work if you love what you do. if you don't love what you do, i dunno what to tell ya. i always knew i never wanted to rot away under fluorescent lights in a cubicle/office, so i avoided it like the plague. went to school for what i loved, followed my "dream" no matter how poor it made me at the time. it worked. i'm fine now. no debt, no money issues otherwise, and i look forward to each new day. if you feel/think you're trapped, then you are and will be. stop thinking that way and watch things change. good luck.
  9. channel zero should just be closed.
  10. i don't come around these parts much anymore. can't remember time i posted. but, hello there bloodfart. ok now i'm leaving again for years, seeya.
  11. DAO, you are still one of the biggest idiots I have ever witnessed on the internet, years have passed since I have been here to read or make a post, and you still hold the ultimate title of extreme douchebag. Congrats to you. You honestly think you would have just saved the day if you were in that theater? It's so easy to say that, but I bet once your brain(albeit small) and body started reacting to the situation if you would have been there, you would find yourself fleeing out the door with everyone else. There is no way you can honestly sit there and say you would have handled shit, there is a big difference between sitting at your computer critiquing this afterwards, and being there with smoke, gun shots, and people dying around you. My advice to you, kill yourself asap, you are truly pathetic.
  12. holy fuck i haven't been on 12oz in forever. fuck the internet, i'm too busy doing things. milky you coming to mpls still? holler. see ya'll next year maybe.
  13. didn't read a damn thing 10 bucks says your girl is ugly and not even worth it anyways
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