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  1. Sorry... The fent kicked in and I ended up just cleaning my house. Some other time... And that Shia LeBouf picture is great. Although I'm stoked right now...I thought my dr's appointment was next week... Turns out its today... Woop woop! Reeeeeeeqium for a RockTheCasbah.
  2. I am messing around with my new Ipad Mini, and am trying to test out this app to see how well it works...if you're interested, I just created a new public room but don't know my user name, however...I do have it set up to my email and have it linked to my Facebook/tumblr/twitter pages... So if you want to talk to one of 12oz's original users, some of my real friends and some random Aussie/Swedish/British chicks(and my personal favorite-a sexy chick from Warsaw, Poland) about sushi, skateboarding, racking, and how to use google earth as a modern recon tool to paint U.S. passenger trains while I listen to t.a.t.u., and run around my house talking like Charlie Sheen mixed with the micro-machine guy because the d's I booted, the val's I chewed up and my fent patch bubblegum I'm enjoying has me wanting to talk to anyone and everyone while I do laundry and dishes for the next few hours before my dr appointment... So if you're a 12oz o.g., lets do this!!!!!!!!! RockTheCasbah/IwearPinkShirts/PopGunWar/CoreyFaim/BruceWillis/Oc80/ etc.. JUST to name a few of my older 12oz aliases. Hope to talk to you guys/girls/robots/etc.
  3. This could actually be a very helpful thread for many of you who could share actual experience. I believe there was some old train hopper on here who used to tell extremely detailed accounts of his time spent in jail/prison. One particularly disturbing story was when he obtained MDMA and ended up performing fellatio on his cellmate but stood by his belief that it was justified and he was still straight. Ha!
  4. And if you don't know how to do this... It is easiest to rip a towel or sheet, make rope or a "line" out of the threads of fiber woven together, then if you have a battery, tie that on one end to use as a weight when tossing the line under the crack of your cell, or through a grate if you're able to fish between tiers... Tie the other end to the corner of your bunk, and through some trial and error you should be able to "fly kites," (send notes) and contraband between cells while isolated. Also, learning sign language is a necessity because if you're unable to fly a kite, this might be your only means of communication. Bird baths are also of utmost importance when serving time in isolation, or during times of lock down when they cut water to the block due to riots, violence or merely as punishment.
  5. Learning to fish and send messages using lines is extremely helpful when you're in solitary.
  6. "Power is measured in enemies." -Lucky Lucciano
  7. Dude if you want pills so bad... Here's an idea, DON'T GET ARRESTED.
  8. Get a tennis ball and go play wall ball. It helped me not shoot up a few times this week. Just being active keeps the needle away. Right now it's cold, I'm depressed, and not clean. I need to go skate or something.
  9. Have any of you seen the new Stereo site and Jason Lee's new footage? It's fresh.
  10. Here's a good one...be born black. You'll do fine.
  11. Oklahoma? I've been in jails in sf, la, Miami, Orlando, Denver, and Atlanta. Not some bullshit place like Oklahoma.
  12. Wallet, iPhone, American Spirits blue pack, zippo, silver uni, Chapstick, keys, knife, bandana.
  13. If you like freezing your ass off while swimming in vomit scented cell blocks then by all means, listen to that moron. Even a real addiction won't help you "get pills"except maybe some klonodine, and a weak ass Ativan if you're lucky. Even if you're on methadone when you get popped,unless you go to a clinic on the streets,most likely you're fucked.
  14. You're retarded. Fake drug addiction will end you up in a detox cell or psych ward.
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