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  1. Hahaha! I remember that! Propped.
  2. Edit. True. The person below me watches Archer.
  3. I beg to differ with their statement Hell, I don't even beg, I just differ..This stuff is disgusting, but only 3.50 for a pint.
  4. True. The person below me will do me a solid by posting the tattoos thread link, because they are awesome and have more patience than I. I searched for it, but no dice. Please and thank you in advance.
  5. False. The person below me has a fan in the room they are in.
  6. You're the best thing to happen to 12oz.
  7. http://www.free-tv-video-online.me/player/putlocker.php?id=E38FFEBF9FD465D6
  8. What's with Colorado and their mass public shootings? Oh yeah, WHITE PEOPLE http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57476379/mass-shooting-at-batman-screening-in-aurora-colo.-at-least-12-dead-dozens-more-wounded/
  9. False. The person below me has warrants.
  10. False. Just Spicibonics. The person below me hates pizza.
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