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  1. welp. this thread is fantastic.
  2. amprok


    I'm new to the KC area. If anyone wants to hit a legal spot or chill spot, shoot me a pm.
  3. As mentioned above me. Demonoid, and occasionally what.cd. If you use a mac, macserialjunkie is incredibly useful for cracking aps and what not.
  4. the older, and more law-biding i become, as a father, and family man, as vested community member.... i fucking HATE cops. the older i become, the more i hate them.
  5. sure and faust have the best hand styles in nyc. it's sad now watching his stickers age, knowing they wont be replaced. you seriously can't walk 30 feet in midtown without seeing a bunch of sure stickers.
  6. amprok

    Spray Paint

    i've never used valspar. these days i mostly use allcity, or montana gold if someone else is paying. does valspar take caps ok?
  7. when i was 16, i worked at taco bell. (classy!) i'm not sure which i hated more. the middle aged white liberal who would try to order in broken, over exaggerated spanish, or the dumb fuck rednecks who would non ironically pronounce quesadillas "kwuh-suh-dilly-ohs"
  8. Child porn is a complete red herring argument by the government. Like someone else mentioned above, it's next to impossible to quantify things like child porn and child porn prosecution. It's not like there is an open market of child porn floating around. Shits already beyond under the radar. These proposed laws are about file sharing, nothing more. They throw in things like child porn, and drugs, what have you, to make it seem like they are all the same. They are not. (obviously). They share the commonality of being illegal, but that's about it. Nobody, minus perhaps the ultra frin
  9. growing up in oregon, this is what we always figured. springfield oregon is a total shit hole. real close to eugene though, which is alright. in the mid 90's there used to be a shit ton of way paintable freight action between springfield and eugene.
  10. i like euro paint, and can afford it. why would i want to rock krylon with female tips or wonky adapters. fuck that. i worked hard to get where i am. i just want to chill and paint now.
  11. i don't even know how to respond to someone who doesn't believe in evolution... the fact that it is debatable on here makes graffiti writers look dumb as fuck...
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