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SUR5L of Saint Louis

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  1. That goes for you Cops as Well On Here! Eat A Doughnut and fuck a prostitute!
  2. O Yeah and Fuck All You Hating Ass Mother Fuckers!
  3. Alright man sent the request out. AJ McKlain
  4. LOL Yea Yea. U still in KC? U should hit this wall up with me.
  5. Hey I got a wall in Independence that I could use a hand with if anyone is interested hit me up.
  6. U Are a ChuddyBuddy thats who lol!
  7. The Scene always goes through cycles: ups and downs smiles and frowns. Im not goin anywhere but I do miss some of those golden years 4 sure. Here is one of those moments of STL's History that changed its whole scene and I was glad to witness it. Fucking shit talking e-thugs and gangbangers, and wannabees or whoever never stands in the way of real artist and the real graffiti art movements. Ill be glad to see the new wave again. Never snitched, not a cop, and have always been a graffiti writer since 96. Its all about survival(SUR5L) all day everyday. Keep Hating! See if it makes me stop! O by the way that's me in the middle for those who don't know sometimes u got to switch up names every now and then. Lol.:cool:
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