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  1. Back in the 80's our truck played "Send in the Clowns"*. For 25 years I thought this was an anomoly but tonight I googled it... I guess it's a thing, but I only see people talking about it from 2k6 beyond so maybe our dude was some sort of pioneer or just ignorant, or maybe a super creep... who knows? Now days we just have the Methhead Icecream that plays that fucked up 'Turkey in the Straw' with "HELLO!" thrown in every so often. *as far as I know, and I hope my explanation will explain my lack of exploration (I said that because it rhymed-ish. alliterationesque, really it's a lack
  2. Oh yeah, that was Ted's fault, he's 'new'... "My Bad..."
  3. just realized I pretty much said all that yesterday but at least I didn't repeat myself.
  4. Beans n Rice. If you only learn one thing; make it the several things that equal Beans n Rice.
  5. Nothing punctuates a swift kick in the ass followed by a suitcase out the front door like the cartoon sounds (boooooo-whip, or, SPROING!). I try to tell this to everyone I meet that's prone to domestic violence, nothing downplays the situation better than ironic and quirky sound effects.
  6. I saw the new 300 movie... at this point I'm not only thinking that I'm never gonna give Frank Miller any more of my money, I'm considering cashing in on my old Batman comics. Of course some unknown director will probably do an incredibly awesome series of Arkham Asylum movies and I'll eat my words but... bad fail, or briliant representation of a graphic novel that was bad history to start with. Not for nothin, plus the fact the Greek dudes don't shirts in battle, and girls that grow up as rape slaves end up REALLY digging violent sex as a metaphor covering the meaningless political strug
  7. Here's a little something that works for me I've found it to be successful to a marked degree it doesn't matter who the bitch is it's just a matter of flippin' switches and I'm givin' it you free... Turn on Looney Tunes cartoons as loud as your TV will go, explain that you couldn't posibly expose her to this insanity... jump up and down, really, jump down!
  8. 300: Rise of mrmmrmmrm Pretty much sucked, bad history, disjointed story telling, really just a moving homage to Frank Miller's static style, the best parts in the movie were action shots slowed to freeze frame with teh Matrix 'rotate' effect... Full on CRAP! A coin toss decided this one so next week it's Mr. Peabody, which everyone seems to enjoy so, it's lookin' up
  9. Well, there ARE dick metal bands, I'm not sure I can successfully deny the existance of an entire music genre with just this little inquiry concerning tape decks ... Further, we should probably just come to terms with what 'dick metal' means. I generally use the term to refer to the 'glam' bands of the late 80's like Poison or Motley Crue... I think the term (with different overtones) could be equally applied to W.A.S.P. or Pantera in the 90's or Messhuga. All dick comparisons are subjective, however, as in music can be easily defined in terms of length and intensity but 'girth' seems fai
  10. I used to be all day with Bustelo, still 2 of 3 pots a day, but in the morning... first thing, eso es Cafe La Llave! As far as coffee makers, I had a stash of old school shit that one by one broke down until back in January my Dad hooked me up with this Braun carafe thing that they no longer make... WTF? This is THE BEST coffee maker I've ever fucked with, hands down! The carafe keeps coffee hot for an easy 4 hours, easy to clean, auto shut-off so it doesn't overcook... So, yeah, if anyone spies something like this, send up a flare!
  11. Citizen X


    I would endorse this if it wasn't for absolutely dirt cheap Nashbar training tires and the Microshift brand which seems to have brought reliable indexed shifting to the handlebras at a discount rate. If Prefomance/Nashbar was only retail/resell but rebrand resell... it' like a Pyramid
  12. No butts were hurt during the duration of your postings; You have obviously misinterpreted my trademark outrage. Instructions unclear... raped the canoes.
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