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  1. Mindfux


    too dope..i'm upset i didn't see this until now
  2. Northwest Superthread has disappeared (last i saw someone was posting pictures of peoples faces) so i figured i'd ask in here, hoping there's some Seattle heads floating around i was cruising flickr and keep seeing RIP tributes to Flint within the last couple of days..can anyone confirm this?
  3. L O L that cumfart shit is fucking hilarious
  4. where the hell is this? so many heads
  5. lol..glad to see this thing is still going strong
  6. ^^ this is the biggest joke in the thread..hands down we make fun of this backpack on a daily basis
  7. damn, already up to 3 pages. this thread is turning into pure gold LOL i just want to say, we laugh our asses off every time somebody orders a Cope 2 backpack from us
  8. fuck what you heard...the pilot bullet chisel tip is the dopest blackbook marker out..prismas bleed really bad...the molotow acrylics like the 127 and 227 are nice as well
  9. Mindfux


    when will the cops learn that this approach does not work
  10. i have a couple of homies that met him at a show and they said he acts exactly as advertised...or in their words "in 40 years, he'll still be Cope2" lmao
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