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  1. Where's the torrent for that new Sydney graff vid
  2. the laser sight scene was mean as fuck
  3. http://www.visualnews.com/2013/09/03/breaking-bad-locations-real-life-screen-shots-juxtaposed-actual-spots-took-place/
  4. havent even finished the ep and i just wanna shoot that fuckin marie cunt in the fuckin face
  5. lol must spread rep jb i thought walt jr was going to die from a blue meth overdose by now or step into traffic high, and they find blue meth on his body. then skylar would leave with the baby. kills off 3 characters at once. also thinking that one by one, characters start to die off until it's just walt with the machine gun against todd's uncle n co. they might clean up hank n gomie to save walt's ass, and in return walt has to cook for em. he refuses. mad beef. gets a m60. etc plenty of people mentioned the part where walter says "everybody dies in this" when he was chilling with walt jr and watching scarface. might hold some weight? brutal show either way, def hooked to see how this all plays out.
  6. felt the Jesse and Hank interview was a bit anti-climatic. looking forward to seeing what Hank's next step is. he's really cornered. although since Jesse's revelation, it looks like Jesse is Hank's last hope. and the short clips of Walt in his new life, it looks like he eventually got uncovered as the great Heisenberg to everyone. seems like the o.g. jailbirds and Todd aren't as methodical as Walt and will just end up screwing the whole thing up. didn't get the little reminiscing of the old days chat between those two in the bathroom though. Skylar looks like she's going numb again. that didn't turn out well before. not really interested in what Walt does next, more so the people around him and how things in general start to unfold.
  7. http://thepiratebay.sx/torrent/8715736/Mythbusters.S12E10.Breaking.Bad.Special.HDTV.x264_%5B_dilb_%5D mythbuster bb special
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