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Great Moments in 12oz History

El Jefe Uno

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This is my personal favorite moment in the 12oz....



The "Team Sleep Problems" thread is what kept me hooked to the ounce, and where I created bonds with a lot of members, a fam.  We would all report in and chat away. Im on page 40 out of 70 re-living the moment. Any time, whether it was struggles, successes,  boredom,  I would always report in and let everyone know how I was doing, and vise versa.


Turns out, I only checked in  when I was drunk or had a college party lmao



Plus, I was more hilarious back then, compared to now lol.  But above all insanity, we all checked up on each other, connected.



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On 9/27/2017 at 9:25 PM, theprotester said:

Retarded cousin thread was amazing

Back when you could say retarded without losing your job.


Was spit balling about tease with someone a couple of weeks ago.



You really want to work for a company or live in a world whereby you can't call people out for acting retarded?


Obviously it isn't disparaging to those born with intellectual disabilities, but the mere notion that one cannot use a word that one should seek to never be labeled with as they effectively have no excuse for such behaviours.


A bit off topic, but I hope this place never succumbs to the ridiculousness that is censorship of speech in today's "cancer culture" social media landscape.


The funniest part about this is that another forum I joined I used the username "half retard" after I watched Tropic Thunder and sought to vary it up from my usual name I use here, so given I "own" the word "retard" as a result, I will use it whenever it is relevantly applicable, and obviously would never use it in a professional workplace setting, as how can God ever allow colleagues of mine to condone the thought patterns that would see them deriving offence at being called a retard. 


When I was growing up we called those who were learning disabled "slow", so how many more years until these purple haired screamers on Twitter outlaw this word given that it means the same thing as they believe retard does?


Anyway RIP @SpyD thanks for kicking my ass in Street Fighter 4 way back and hope you are still around to enjoy Street Fighter 6 next month.


Also, I remember COD Modern Warfare 2 lobbies on XBL with Ski Mask Boris and his crew back in the day, shit was hilarious.

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