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  1. picked up some used tektro cr720s today, we'll see if they can be muscled onto my ride. much easier to set up than the cantilever brakes that are on it now
  2. totally different handstyle, he is a philadelphian and has always had a philly hand to match
  3. they just put UPCs anywhere
  4. what can i use instead of a machete to cut down tall grass, vegetation, etc? something that's less of a weapon but a similar function. this is for trespassing and camping
  5. my brand of ecofacism would start with beef and flying, but i'll hear arguments elsewhere, in a thread on that topic
  6. i am attracted to "from each according to ability, to each according to need" but it's utopian; don't see us achieving it without something like a far more invasive and ruthless surveillance state than the one we have now, which is also something i'm not into. but if you believe this type of consumption is undesirable, hampering commerce might be all we have left. the standard of living we've set in the west is wildly unsustainable and the rest of the world is chasing it. people like buying new stuff all the time and getting it delivered to them; they are addicted to cheap stuff with questionable sourcing. if capitalism is the only system that works at scale, it's in large part because of a set of near-universal human needs and motivations. these are the same that drive consumption at large.
  7. the consumption cycle is to blame too here—broadly speaking we are buying more stuff, more often, and using it fewer times before replacing it. consumers and corporations are to blame here. the average piece of clothing is worn maybe seven times now before it gets tossed, apparently? this wall street journal article is thorough and very bleak, a recommended read. obviously you can argue well we have the freedom to do that, because the market can sustain $5 shorts made in sweatshops with cotton picked by uyghur slave labor, and that's true, these are affordable. i would only argue that the human and resource cost of it all is terrible, and not something worth defending the "is there ethical consumption under capitalism?" is a good question. i think you can trade wages for goods in a fair way, maybe even on an industrial scale, but the cheaper the goods are to make, the less likely that becomes. as i've gotten older i am very deliberate about what i buy and own and use, and buy used or secondhand when i can.
  8. i'm against the pure capitalist way of life here solely because this is so egregiously wasteful and we're boiling the planet to death. i realize there is no "better" or "stronger" argument than that
  9. the amazon basics line is often just someone else's IP. oops!
  10. this is my bet. in general up to 40% of online purchases are returned (vs 5-10% for in-store purchases) and the time spent handling returns at a warehouse is undoubtedly less profitable than time spent packing and shipping new purchases. that's really all it has to come down to. this is a company that manages their employees by the minute to wring out productivity; the cheapest and most efficient solution, which is crushing and incinerating perfectly good things in this case, is what they'll choose. amazon is really one of the world's worst companies but they're certainly not the only ecommerce company to do this; anyone who accepts returns does this. your returns almost always get sent to the incinerator, an estimated 5 billion pounds of waste (!!) in the US alone.
  11. alternatively you could swap your fork out for another steel fork with mounts, might change the geometry a bit but you're not really racing this
  12. @KILZ FILLZ you probably don't have mounts for standard racks but don't let that kill the fun. this seatpost-mounted rack is very graceful, big fan made by nitto, of course: https://www.instagram.com/p/CMWkYcaD3rF/
  13. would be into this, hell yeah @NightmareOnElmStreet
  14. other boston OGs on the topic
  15. we don't speak brokenese over here
  16. years here today! if you scroll back in this thread you'll find where i started in 2013. maybe some 2012. honestly, before i went to meetings, before i opened up to sober blood family, before i even stopped drinking, my recovery started here. thanks to @fat ralphyand @theprotester and others who helped me along the way. best thing i've ever done, and it started here
  17. don't worry bud i did that too. i'll take it
  18. oh oops those are too expensive too haha
  19. "blue" "cheese" dressing. fuck off
  20. don't forget the hot car drink from the convenience store, there's too much to throw away but it's been in the car for a day now
  21. my parents didn't get cable until 2007, we were slumming it with broadcast until i was out of puberty. cursed
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