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  1. tubular rims: who has thoughts? what happens when you flat?
  2. great british bake off. mentally trying to navigate a scenario i'm in the middle of in which both parties are wrong. might need to game out all possible outcomes
  3. friend of mine loved this stuff, it faded but that black was cheap thrills. spray paint is hard. it's capital intensive. you need to put up $$$$$ to set up a manufacturing line or spend $$$$ if you're outsourcing production. then, you have to store the stuff — it takes up a ton of space. graffiti writers are cheap and the margins on paint are tiny, so you make that $$$$ back very slowly. some colors of paint inevitably sell out faster than others — you need to balance that inventory somehow and you never will. did i mention it's a volatile product that is expensive and finicky to ship, too? the way to do it is to put together like $10k with 5 friends and place an order and be set for a long long time. you may need a tax ID and other nonsense — i remember that spanish montana wouldn't deal with me without one. you can also just buy a shipping container of paint off dhgate but i'm kinda iffy on chinese paint. who knows what's in it
  4. icewear vezzo verse on this is monstrous all my opps be broke as fuck
  5. really getting their money's worth out of these wu licensing deals
  6. and goddamn ralphy! hope your bro gets gently sorted after all this
  7. all this. spot on. not being alone is a huge first step
  8. these were my coming up years. making thousands of posts on 12oz during this time made me stronger, faster. i was in the mf gym going crazy with the e-props every day
  9. i listened to a good bit of serial when it blew up. i was never really comfortable with how close she got to adnan, it kind of threatened her credibility as a narrator to me. i don't know if he did it but the police/prosecution definitely botched this case. i'm glad the conviction didn't stand. there's a bigger conversation here to be had about true crime podcasts as a genre. serial really started it, i think, and held people because it was entertainment that was just journalistic enough that people could take it in uncritically. true crime podcast people have conventions, collect paraphernalia, all that stuff. almost uniformly white women. always read as kind of a weird subculture to me.
  10. feel nothing about her death, good riddance
  11. he's tried to apologize but it's over for this bozo
  12. cleaning up myself — new deskmate spilled an iced latte on me within minutes of meeting me. soy
  13. belittling someone on facebook marketplace. treating this seller like a fucking insect. "yeah another guy offered $100 more and i hadn't heard from you.." the listing is still up, though, isn't it, brian? you'll take this $150 under asking on thursday and you'll like it.
  14. i don't remember this but i will add that it was so awesome that 12oz just defied every subpoena sent their way, forever. detectives were on here trying to get DMs and they just said "Nawww." instagram could never
  15. UPDATE: it's getting interesting. neither of these sellers are messaging back anymore, so we're moving on to these, which someone has on facebook marketplace for $750 with 140mm rotors and tires/stock gravel tires. i'm trying to get him to take all that off (i want 160mm) and sell them for $600. probably won't get it but they've been sitting for three months, let's see.
  16. apparently a lot of people who lost it all on crypto are trying to unload their rolexes now too. not sure i'm with that but
  17. couldnt agree more. i felt crazy watching people salivate over the chance to put down $100k over asking for homes around here. my parents were falling for it too — why aren't you trying? buy something! not that i had asking or $100k over asking, but the bubble seemed obvious, to me. i laid low and stacked and got a new job — excited to buy something next year
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