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  1. boys it's time to write some content for bots
  2. better than me. they hate that i refuse to open more than one card and have no debt
  3. having the worlds largest and being bi... unstoppable
  4. he can't even get a boner? that's boring. what's the point?
  5. ideal male living space. looks chill
  6. caught it early and my derma is a hot redhead. saul goodman
  7. i always wonder about these and the gas station dick pills. america runs on supplements
  8. got a mole chopped off today and have to go back to get much more skin removed. cancer sucks, detect it early. my fellow pale people... this is for you
  9. i'm tall and hot for the record. and all my friends are gay girls.
  10. lotta guys writing self-hating physical descriptions in here. men in progress. weird ass thread.
  11. i wanna do a wholecar and sell some art and finish building my new bike.
  12. always with the tryhard 300 music
  13. i'm sliding through the pussy in my waterproof asics
  14. i have been saying since 2020 that tobacco is back. it's past time. americans know everything in our lives is poison engineered to kill you and maximize profit for one of six companies, life expectancy is going down the drain year after year, and plastic vapes are part of that. americans are ready for something real. no artificial clouds of fruit flavor from a plastic dick. for as long as they're cancer-free, americans are ready to return to the slow, satisfying burn of real tobacco leaves, fire, and smoke.
  15. dipshit house rep guest mispronounces arturo fuente because he's not a real stick man. he's cosplaying
  16. rare tucker carlson W on this pro-tobacco segment
  17. this parts definitely going to happen more often — tiktok used app location data to monitor the locations of journalists in real time as they worked on a story about bytedance/china this fall. if you are making enemies of one of these big corporations, they'll use this stuff on you.
  18. michael hobbes is a good researcher and makes these worth listening to. the coverage of old/wildly pseudoscientific diet trends and beliefs is thorough and pretty interesting (check out the snake oil episode!). helped my understanding of fatness as an identity/fat acceptance as well
  19. yeah this is where i land on these guys. getting some good names but the interviews themselves are very hit or miss because they're just not good interviewers. getting someone like cycle and just lamenting how new york changed was painful. the first CH interview and the claw interview were great though.
  20. straight up need to relearn friendship again i think
  21. honestly i'm getting burnt out on solo stuff too. need to find a responsible young buck
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