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As I've gotten older I've found that I'm consuming less and less television/movies, what I am doing is listening to podcasts a lot. The problem that I find with them is that its hard to find good ones. I've been away from the board for a pretty long time so in the spirit of my new found love for podcasts and the relaunch of the 12oz forum, i thought i would make a thread to share what I've been listening to and hopefully others will do the same.


Radio lab


This is an NPR podcast. always pretty cool, interesting and a little nerdy.


I'm a big fan of this one.



The Collective Podcast



This one hits close to home since its talks to people leaders in the VFX/Motion Graphics/Comic book/design community. Some amazing digital painters on there as well. Alot of the episodes tend to focus on peoples goals, staying modivated and creative.They interview several artists that were at one point or another into graffiti. I havent come across any that ever took graff serious yet.


Heres the description from their site.

"The Collective Podcast brings you weekly episodes of entertaining, informative, and honest discussions with creative industry leaders from around the world."


The Alton Browncast



You can find this one on iTunes or the Nerdist.

I havent listened to many of them but people always recommend him to me.


This one is pretty great. He talks to Robert Sparks about Art collecting and Tattoos.



If your looking for something more Graffiti related, heres one where he talks to Hense MSK





Rather than continue to ramble, I'm going to see what kind of traction this gets and if anyone else shares this interest.

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Radio Lab is probably my favorite


Dan Carlins Hardcore History - very well done history podcast... Not nearly as boring as that sounds lol.


Bill Burr Monday Morning Podcast - funny rants and answers to listener emails


Joe Rogan Experience - always interesting guests and good convo. Not a fan of his stand-up but the podcast is solid


How Did This Get Made? - a few of the people from The League talking shit on shitty major motion pictures that suck. Last one I listened to was Tango & Cash.


Skip La Cour Morning Connection - motivation life coach type ish

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Hoping this thread picks up a bit since podcasts are my main source for entertainment, opinions and current events.


Are most of you guys just not listening to podcasts?

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I really like Hardcore History by Dan Carlin as well as the Hardcore History addendum.  


Been trying to find a good tattoo themed podcast for a while.  

Books Closed by Andrew Stortz is relatively new but I enjoyed the 2 I've listened to so far.  

No Lies Just Bullshit looks good too but it isn't on iTunes yet for whatever reason.

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Hardcore history - prophets of doom was killer. 


Cant believe I left that off my list. Carlin has another podcast that is a little more current/not as long that’s pretty good. 

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This is new but talking to some pretty interesting people (I also know some of the folks involved and they have access that most others don't given their connection to the national security community)




The one on Terror is pretty good and I know that they're talking to the 3A Institute about doing something interesting on the future of disruptive tech and national security, which I'm keen to check out when/if it drops.

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