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  1. Post is written with a heavy heart.... My friend and 12ozr "spectr" aka "Illumunati" passed away last night. I feel it appropriate to post it in here, as this was one of the threads ol' boy still posted on, on here, and I believe you knew him, shai. I'm super bummed. Memorial service tomorrow in CA. He's not being buried in his home town of Boston, as his immediate family is all out that way, now. Rest In Peace, JT. You're missed, brother.
  2. Bobby not looking good the other night.
  3. abcizzle, Dunno if I'm going to be able to hit any Summer 13 shows aide from Bangor. Hopefully I've got more free time for Fall tour. Illuminati, I got your voicemail and spaced calling you back. I will tonight and you will most likely hear from me before reading this.
  4. Both of your posts point to a lack of Jerry, brahz. Shai, The Dead, and The Other ones are all the same as Furthur, + or - an original member, a fake Jerry or some other guitarist who doesn't gel with the band quite right. DSO is definitely not inspiring, I mean, they're a cover band, after all. They're good for what they are, though. I'd still go see them over an unpredictable Furthur who plays either too slow, disjointed, or once in a great while actually go somewhere. I linked a couple Reconstruction shows in here a few pages back. I got your text, illum, wish I could have made it to
  5. Sadly, I'd recommend going to see DSO before Furthur. Everything I've caught post-Jerry has been a disappointment. I mean, sure, there's the lot, but........yeah, the lot.
  6. Missed you in ATL, abcs. We went to Charlotte too, so they could redeem themselves after Lakewood. Heading to Denver after work.
  7. Thanks. I'll take annoying over you're fucked. Still waiting on an email back.
  8. No, not trying to enter a PW, but I'm thinking it's coming up whenever pages refresh that I'm logged into. I don't know. There's no rhyme or reason to it. Sometimes it pops up every second, sometimes not for 30 minutes. The only thing I've done to the thing was install this blocker thing for CS5 and that was months ago. I'm going over it with my buddy who is the only person I know who knows anything about fucking with OSX. He basically explained the same- Keychain holds PW's, but he said it wasn't a good thing. I'm waiting on an email back from him now. I don't want so say I miss Windows, but
  9. I sure as shit don't. This keeps popping up: I click to reset, enter my PW, then nothing happens and it comes back. I did have to do something to the OS to get this cracked CS5 in there, but that was months ago. Any help appreciated!
  10. Now that's a bet I can get behind!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnbnmoDm1R0
  12. 3.0, 2012, you just gotta go with it... http://www.relix.com/news/2012/07/17/page-mcconnell-confirms-october-31-show-no-phish-on-halloween
  13. Good times, good hanging out. I had to get out of that god forsaken campground and get to a hotel with a shower like you wouldn't have believed. $80 cab ride to Albany? Done. Atlanta is a go. I've got my flight booked and tickets. I've got that extra pav still, btw. Denver is up in the air until I sort out my "car situation." I'm guessing no Halloween and NYE @ MSG. That Phil and Phriends is good, but the other one is mo' betta- w/viola lee. If PH didn't get back together, Trey would have been a great fit. At least he's got his own style, as opposed to Kimock, or the other fake Jerr
  14. Severe nonsense happening here. I can only access from work and iPhone. Don't log out or, god forbid, clear your cache.
  15. I'm pretty sure I'm dropping the ball on SF, too. Just got back from AC. They were awesome shows. My bad on being a flake on the phone, too. I sent you a couple texts and will give you a call tomorrow. Jones Beach>SPAC up next.
  16. Great stuff. First print is Stanley Mouse. Signed? Jealous.
  17. I've got an extra Lakewood. If you don't get them from the onsale, you can grab it. I'm on the fence with SF. Last summer Tahoe was the super small venue impossible ticket and three of us all got in each night with ease. Thing is, I had a ticket for the Hollywood bowl show already, and was staying out near Tahoe as it was, so it made sense to roll the dice, being in CA already. Flying out to a smaller venue right in San Fransisco with no ticket and getting in is definitely possible, but I don't know if I want to spend the money if tickets end up on expensive end. My CA boys gotta get it
  18. Ok, you're in there with my SF friends I'm hoping doesn't drop the ball then, 'cuz I hit the lotto for four Atlanta pav seats and gots nada from anything else!
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