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  1. I can't judge shit on here....ain't nobody else can either I'm sayin'. This thread's filled with cats who paint 20 years ago, or niggas who started 1 year ago.....been retired for a while, brand new, or who still is fuckin' BLESSED to be able to give it their all this very second. Some cats from outta state, some from the burbs, few born & raised in this hellhole city. And no matter where the writer falls, there's all sorts of levels of pride & expectations in so many things that there's bound to be head bumpin' & disagreements. No matter how, when, where, or why you paint. No matter where you come from, where you been, or where you're heading.....no matter if you give a fuck in life, or don't or have incredible responsibilites or not a single one in life....I guess I'm sayin' to everybody keep doin' the damn thing. Whether graf makes your world go round, or your world enjoys graf being in your life no matter the emotional attachment involved, you doing you. Few cats dropped knowledge on me here that I ain't listen to in the past. You ain't gonna find no real respect here, no real beef, no real spittin' to muthafuckas on serious shit, no feelin' muthafuckas from a totally different planet than where you're from. Real talk, you come on here & look at pretty pictures & eventually watch a scene you grew to love with pride... change from what you know it as....and it'll happen to us all eventually if you really put in work to have loved this shit. This shit here...I'm good to say goodbye to. For those who ain't leavin' the ounce alone.....I envy you muthafuckas, it means you still doin' you & still got the ability in life to smash. Big ups on that & peace.
  2. There you go S. I'm accepting the foul shit. I ain't havin' no pride, just like you.
  3. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  4. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  5. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  6. Elmer's newer flex is off the fuckin' chain. Reft & Gasm go hard in the paint. Those few last Chaos joints are pretty fuckin' horrible. Dickriders can now talk shit, but first imagine you sketchin' that letter structure on looseleaf & feelin' good about it enough to take it to the streets as a vet. Noone should. Pure garbage in a trash bag called disappointment.
  7. Got some older shit. Unfortunately, it's mostly mine for now. Don't hate on the lack of style! I gotta dig up what I got, and hopefully have some other writers shit that ain't never been posted yet. '95
  8. Damn, thanks for uploading that Thrasher shit. 2 flicks I never seen. I used to have a subscription to some Michigan based hip hop magazine Mark Kempf used to make with a spread on graf every issue. Had some real old MHC Lodge freeway spots I haven't seen 'till then. Even had real old A2 freeway spots. Street spots from like 94-95. Kosek, Vespa, Diego, some other dude I forgot. Point of this story, nothing. I don't have them shits anymore. There's a few people out there sittin' on gold mines, even some old photographer that steady only followed Justo from the getgo. Wish some day they somehow get worked out someones attic. Always wondered if other city's starting history is so cloudy as Detroit's.
  9. "12 oz. is like my secret gay facebook, where I focus on interacting with nothing but homosexuals". -Jue1
  10. I usually don't bump randomness.....but the fuckin' grasshopper on that porch roof. That's some fuckin' weird ass shit. Unless someone just did it for themselves when they smoke a square out their window every morning, then understandable.
  11. hahaha! That nigga Elm doin' legals by just writin' "LOW PRICE CIGS!" HAHAHA. That's baller shit right there in the D. Big ups to Elms rockin' the panels proper year in & year out.
  12. One thing I have noticed though, in the present....is when the fuck does color combo's & doodads accelerate faster than letter structure does? Seems to be becoming a trend. No diss to writers with zero talent in the letter department, just scratching my head watching this new scene unfold. Mad interesting.
  13. Gotta say, legal eaglin' shit just comes with age. But, it's nice to see we got two locals that in my opinion, can burn anyone to the ground who has stepped in this city so far. Big ups to Fel w/ that Cpt. America joint. Him & Malt should be handcuffed at walls. Fel came proper & flexed serious skill on the D's behalf. Big ups. Whether or not a point was meant to be proven.....it was.
  14. I'm gonna sit down & pray tonight that someone (from Detroit) who paints inherits my soul for the next 2 years...then get as depressed as depressed can get.... that I'm not playing it out myself. Then, when nothing happens tomorrow or the next day, and noone inherits shit, I'm going to pray for some sort of time lapse, where me 10 years ago appears today. Then......this whole thread changes instantaneously in a perfect world. But for now I'm going to realistically focus on being depressed about how my words don't mean shit in the big picture regardless of the incredibly fighting spirit I have wishing/hoping it becomes a part of any Detroit writers actions. Swallowing the hard truth now, that there ain't noone in this city who can change shit with their most extreme self-inflicted effort. Fuck this city...... I gotta start stoppin' here, it don't look like you kids have what the old school had. Not sayin' it because I'm a part of it & not a part of now. It's real talk, the best writers in the city are just continuing to jock the infiltration's style & not William Wallacin' their scene. Last hope!!! Muthfuckas, William Wallace this fuckin' scene!!!!!!
  15. Damn...I'm sayin' shit, but really I'm speechless. Never thought the days would come when Detroit would look like this. I hate it, but at the same time I'm hoping some youngsters are taking notes, because shit is looking ridiculous, and the opportunity to cut years of trying to progress as the scene always was.....is now. Definitely puts a smile on my face seeing some hometown locals holding down the fort like what the graf-life tourists are shittin' out. Stori, Elmer, Gasm. Fingers crossed one of them gets sponsored one day, or something of the likes. Some of you cats deserve it. The old days, the old days....long & gone. Steppin' up isn't even an option now. You're just gonna have to.
  16. This "S" is hard as fuck. Take notes on letter structure.
  17. Aarf cutters. Roosters shittin' out dollar signs. Zest fully clean Sloes.
  18. Tom1/ Dfdubz.... look down homie, and see you'll always be remembed & loved.
  19. That nigga Tom's throwie was harder than a Bill Cosby sweater in July at a nude beach colony. I don't know if anyone can ever fill the void in our streets with the flow he made those 3 letters have.
  20. That nigga Tom. Hope all is well where you chillin', homie. Save a spot for all of us to meet up again. This muthafucka was inspiration, on a graf tip.... We'd need a weeks vacation off to some quiet ass cabin, some deep woods to exhaust the love of graf in conversation. The first time I met Tom, I left inspired, elated, fuckin' flowin' with anticipation for the future in my own life...knowing this nigga could spill such exciting energy into my life that I wake up in the morning different than I'd normally do. This is what Tom did, personally to me. He gave me hope, energy, love, passion, anticipation towards the future.....I'm not only talkin' about in graf. In life, just chillin', stressed wholeheartedly. My joy today, is being privileged to have met & chilled with him the few times I did. The short span of anyones lifetime is what makes it unfortunate & I envy anyone who was blessed to have known him deeply the way everyone should have with... more time in his presence than less. That being said, even though I wasn't as a close friend as I'd wish...... if you asked me two days ago, I'd guarantee you that I'd feel I knew this nigga in such a way, like seeing our future friendship more than what we were in the present. So I not only feel for everybody for his loss today, but even more knowing the joy he'd bring to us all in the future that is now put on hold, but soon to come for us to all enjoy. R.I.P. TomOner / DFDUBZ -FOHR- dfdub squad
  21. Sorry....forgot this one. Infomation, no...the scene in Detroit I'm talking about that started everything was completely unaffected by the internet. It's horrible how nowadays people think that the internet has been such a huge force from the get-go, you gotta be hella young or grew up in Bill Gates estate. Nope....I seen writers battling all-city muthafuckas with how many spots you can get up at before I ever even knew there was anything called an internet. That shit didnt' exist. Like I said......you can't understand the "DETROIT STYLE", just by googling that shit to the oldest existing graffiti website. Did you google all your 1960's Philly history from the internet you know so much about? Do you know Detroit is a bigger square mile city than Philly so there was a hell of alot more ground to cover when anyone started documenting? There's ground that, in Detroit some have never, ever been documented, only passed on by word of mouth? Again, props to Detroit writers past & present. Know your history, love it, and fuck anyone tryin' to tell you what you are or ain't doin'.
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