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  1. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA If you swing through Los Angeles hit a mother fuck up.
  2. IOU


    My latest. Part two coming soon. http://soundcloud.com/petesoundsnice/a-mix-for-you-part-1-by-pete
  3. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    What up Big Cali. Hope all is well my man. It was train show, so you had cats repped from all over. It was a dope vibe, unlike a lot of other shows I been to. The people who put it on were also really fucking generous with freebies.
  4. IOU

    Cooking with 12oz

    Cook the stems a bit before adding the leafy parts in or least that's how I've done it.
  5. IOU


    http://soundcloud.com/petesoundsnice/one-last-time-by-pete-nice This is the mix Earl.
  6. IOU


    Not sure Earl about that track, sounds like the other DJ, but I'll be uploading the mix soon. Hope all is well.
  7. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Sunday. Laundry time. That time. Worried. Play some tunes. Some spots around my hood. Yeah.... The biggest star in Hollywood.
  8. Pan fried tilapia with a red curry carrot sauce.
  9. IOU

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Sunrise.. Pepto and vodka with said sunrise.
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