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Bruce_1nR last won the day on March 26 2007

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  1. Bruce_1nR


    Nice to see you're still around. And you too.
  2. Bruce_1nR


    It is fake. Faker than that Marc Ecko Air Force One shit a while back...
  3. Bruce_1nR


    Actively writing like out every night writing. Now its more like handstyle as I walk the dog type shit.
  4. Bruce_1nR


    I just finished up some Mac and Cheese.
  5. Bruce_1nR


    I've been on the internet for a while. I discovered 12oz when I was actively writing graffiti from like 2004 to 2007-8(?) My memory is kinda bad, its been a while. But I figured out what I've been missing. Channel Zero, I am back and so so happy to see you still alive and kicking. :D
  6. Bruce_1nR


    I'm starting to get into RTS games a bit more. The cafe that I play CS:S at has the newest Command and Conquer installed and I play it a little bit. I searched around a bit online and they're actually giving C&C 95 away for free, so I grabbed that. Uhh....been playing TF2 a little bit as well. Scout class owns so hard.
  7. lol nub she shot four times and only got one headshot lolololololololol wat a nub.
  8. Re: ANIMATED GIF HALL OF FAME SUPERTHREAD Bump. hahhahahahahahahahahahahah
  9. WHAT!?!?! You played like, two maps and then left. Nigga, I'm talking we need to go on a 4 hour spree or some shit. You just mad cause I killed you twice.
  10. Yeah well, what the fuck? Put your phone back on the charger, cut back on the late night phone sex.
  11. I think its cool, if someone would make me one and send it to me I'd use it.
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