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  1. Will JKIDD coach the Nets next year? Where's Karl going? And, most importantly, who will coach the Pistons? (Mo Cheeks)
  2. DonCheadle


    Day 60 of sobriety. Had a few O'Douls Amber N/A beers at a party on Friday night, the first time I've been in an atmosphere with drinking in some time. I miss that bar scene, all the females, knowing all the regulars, chilling with all the other service industry people in the hood after work, and the drink hookups between our respective bars. Then I think about how those nights always end in a blackout or with drugs, and the dark feeling the next day as I wake up at 4pm looking for advil and gatorade. What has been accomplished: Saving money, not doing drugs, feeling more energetic and clearer thoughts on everything.
  3. Bengals D is a solid pick this week. Can't believe Crosby got more fantasy points than Aaron Rodgers in my league last night, that was my head-to-head matchup for Thursday night
  4. DonCheadle


    Best of luck through these hard times abusei I'm on day 40 of sobriety here, my roommate is also. He's been doing 90 meetings in 90 days, I have been working solid almost every night so that's keepin me off the sauce. When my normal schedule resumes and I have 4 nights off per week, it'll be much harder.
  5. So now it's Verlander v the Tribe, we got Fister vs the Sox Monday. Close with the AL Central race, every game counts!
  6. I'll be watching Verlander from Buffalo Wild Wings in downtown Brooklyn where they got that MLB package I wish I had. You know the kid is undefeated vs the O's, gotta keep the streak alive at Comerica!!
  7. DonCheadle


    On day 6 of sobriety here, I got a roommate who's doing the same thing so that helps. We both work at restaurant bars, his restaurant doesn't encourage drinking as much as mine. Getting to the gym, going on long bike rides, running for exercise etc have helped a lot. I talked with my boss about it, she is going to be supportive(she says now) so we'll see. Yo Vincent, sounds like you got that positivity going on back home, looking to do the same here if I can. I'll talk to ya soon.
  8. DonCheadle


    Thanks for the words of encouragement guys, the thing about this industry is I've been able to go from the extreme of working dive bars full of debauchery and drugs to a more mellow restaurant setting. Problem is, the restaurant owner is a raging alcoholic herself and she loves hanging out after work rippin shot after shot. I've lucked out by arranging my schedule to weeknights only, no more of the weekend blastoffs that get really out of control. Stringing 4 nights together helps motivate me to get outta there after we close with the idea that I don't want to be hungover the next work day(although that often fails) but the boss is kinda like the chief enabler. I've got a whole week to help get my head together, we are currently closed for remodeling. On day 4 now, feeling more energy than usual.
  9. DonCheadle


    There are about 8 meetings a day at this spot in NYC here that I've heard about, apparently they dedicate the location to strictly AA sessions. I've been hesitant to go because I've never done something like this before. My drinking has finally led to almost always moving on to drugs after a certain point, and it doesn't help that I make a living working behind a bar. Just lost a great girl to this dark situation and what it has done to my self control. I've hit day 3 of sobriety after a terrible bender. I'm not working again til next Monday, looking to get the courage to attend a meeting sometime between now and then.
  10. JV35 threw a nice 14 SO 8-inning game vs the Bombers tonight, love watching the home team while living in Brooklyn even if they blocked it out on ESPN I got my YES HD for this little series at Comerica. Cabrera with a 435 ft homer too
  11. prince fielder n cj wilson to the yanks, the post already states it as fact lol
  12. haha I used to eat lunch at this exact location when I worked in the West Village, never thought something like this could happen there, such a normal part of town
  13. yakety sax from the Benny Hill show. or the breakfast machine from Pee Wee's Big Adventure
  14. so Detroit is starting to look like Bushwick
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