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  1. I can't judge shit on here....ain't nobody else can either I'm sayin'. This thread's filled with cats who paint 20 years ago, or niggas who started 1 year ago.....been retired for a while, brand new, or who still is fuckin' BLESSED to be able to give it their all this very second. Some cats from outta state, some from the burbs, few born & raised in this hellhole city. And no matter where the writer falls, there's all sorts of levels of pride & expectations in so many things that there's bound to be head bumpin' & disagreements. No matter how, when, where, or why you pa
  2. There you go S. I'm accepting the foul shit. I ain't havin' no pride, just like you.
  3. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  4. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  5. Fuck it. Even Detroit heads don't know the deal, damn shame.
  6. Elmer's newer flex is off the fuckin' chain. Reft & Gasm go hard in the paint. Those few last Chaos joints are pretty fuckin' horrible. Dickriders can now talk shit, but first imagine you sketchin' that letter structure on looseleaf & feelin' good about it enough to take it to the streets as a vet. Noone should. Pure garbage in a trash bag called disappointment.
  7. Got some older shit. Unfortunately, it's mostly mine for now. Don't hate on the lack of style! I gotta dig up what I got, and hopefully have some other writers shit that ain't never been posted yet. '95
  8. Damn, thanks for uploading that Thrasher shit. 2 flicks I never seen. I used to have a subscription to some Michigan based hip hop magazine Mark Kempf used to make with a spread on graf every issue. Had some real old MHC Lodge freeway spots I haven't seen 'till then. Even had real old A2 freeway spots. Street spots from like 94-95. Kosek, Vespa, Diego, some other dude I forgot. Point of this story, nothing. I don't have them shits anymore. There's a few people out there sittin' on gold mines, even some old photographer that steady only followed Justo from the getgo. Wish some day
  9. "12 oz. is like my secret gay facebook, where I focus on interacting with nothing but homosexuals". -Jue1
  10. I usually don't bump randomness.....but the fuckin' grasshopper on that porch roof. That's some fuckin' weird ass shit. Unless someone just did it for themselves when they smoke a square out their window every morning, then understandable.
  11. hahaha! That nigga Elm doin' legals by just writin' "LOW PRICE CIGS!" HAHAHA. That's baller shit right there in the D. Big ups to Elms rockin' the panels proper year in & year out.
  12. One thing I have noticed though, in the present....is when the fuck does color combo's & doodads accelerate faster than letter structure does? Seems to be becoming a trend. No diss to writers with zero talent in the letter department, just scratching my head watching this new scene unfold. Mad interesting.
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