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Everything posted by mudpuddles

  1. TECH!!! i really love the 'insert penis here' too.
  2. so you repeat what you are tired of seeing over and over again? it must be frustrating to be you.
  3. oh jesus boys. looks like i need to post up..... back after the edit.....
  4. false, i'm a shitty liar. tpbm has gone to a place where you pay to use the hot tubs.
  5. true eventually i think. tpbm is having a rainy day in their town.
  6. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo you had me lol'n for real in spitfire's thread!! you are a witty mutherfucker!
  7. false, i don't want to have to call niggahs in other states. tpbm has a really annoying roommate/tenant.
  8. goddamn i need to take some pictures......
  9. i might call my dad in AZ but if i remember. we will be doing anything mr puddles wants though. set him up with toy story 3 with ms. pants last night after awesome dinner. got him a pretty amazing photobooth line-up of me and the little one. and i think i will be suggesting hot tubbing when the babysitter gets here. which i'm imagining he will go for over the previous spoke of plan of picture taking. i'm surprised most of you fuckers have dads in your life.
  10. Re: Dear ________, - no homo dear dad, today always has me conflicted. i know you care but damn dude you are totally wrapped up in self. you didn't even call when you had to start getting your treatment again, but i'm sure that's cause it's your own fault. bro told me you were moping around looking for sympathy when you hide booze in your draw at the BUSINESS you two started from the ground up. i know you've had a shit life adult life for the most part but damn dude, you never should have let your mom's make it out like i'm the bad one when i was 12 not writing your ass in PRIS
  11. Re: COMPLIMENT THE PERSON ABOVE YOU - no homo you are an extremely patient person apparently. good job!
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