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  1. Real recognize real, stolen photographs.
  2. Ok, let me clear a few things up for people that might have a hard time understanding. Jack and rad, you have beef with 3fk, that you asked for, you started, and it will end. This whole "Your bringing personal shit into this", as the above pictures display by a screen name "three one two", l will say and stand by, IS NOT ME, OR A MEMBER OF MY CREW, and you obviously pissed someone off more than just us, and now other people are adding the the already burning fire. Now believe what you want, you can say its us, you can tell people, your crew, your friends its us, but the bottom line is that 3FK doesn't need to stoop to levels such as bringing your family into graffiti beef, period. We are not that skummy, and for the record, I actually sympathize for your family, and you know why? Because I am a decent human being, take it as you will. Now that I've cleared that up, and like I said, im sure you will believe only what ignorance you want to believe, if you want to handle this like men, with fist, we'll do that. You want to take it to the streets, we'll do that too, REMEMBER you asked for this, not us. So before you continue calling all the home boys and making up more stories, see me, like a man. GUSH ONE 3FK
  3. My knee feels like rubber. /nh
  4. MMMZ?... Don't know about the "snapping"
  5. Sleeping with co-workers kinda rules I've done it with two different girls at my old job, basically I was all, "well we work together, so if you wanna fuck, lets fuck, no attachments." For the win
  6. http://www.myspace.com http://www.gmail.com http://www.ebay.com http://www.craigslist.org http://www.accuweather.com
  7. ROFL!! Your mad scared of teh gayz huh? /nh Hardcore mountain bike drops and bb gun fights = straight male.
  8. Seriously, I'll post flicks sometime soon.
  9. I like the video, but it probably should be in the youtube thread..
  10. wash dishes, And where ever you find a job, don't tell them your quiting in 2 weeks, or they probably will just hire someone thats going to stay longer.
  11. Two eggs over cheesy, sausage or bacon Tortilla Salsa Breakfast burrito, my jam every morning! Thanks battery Hens!
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