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Regardless of how gay that shit you just wrote sounds... Get my number off our "common people", I'll tell you who beat you the fuck up for going over him in the tunnels and then ran you out of the city (not my words)... and then come fly back to Philly since you're here secretly all the time dodging bids while backsliding 180 flipping the Love Sign. I'll meet you at the tasty cake factory, we'll throw down and I'll have no idea what hit me.

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WOOHoo Rumble in south Philly, I'll be there!!


came here to drop off this gem.


Justin Bieber under fire over 'racist' monkey graffitihttp://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2013/11/08/justin-bieber-under-fire-over-racist-monkey-graffiti/?intcmp=features

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hahahaha i love this thread


Real Talk nigga when I met you you was like, SOOOOO shy my nigga like........you didn't even say hello or nothing???? you still a 'stare at the floor and shuffle your feet ass nigga'?? my nigga have you successfully learned to manage your social anxiety without using substances as a crutch???? how is your emotional wellness youngbol???

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