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  1. lol. looks like a good time srs
  2. Those last 3 posts for sure 💭 Oontz instead of drawing... Drinking coffee instead of eating, Worrying over indecision. poor haiku life... boohoooo... fuckin baby god bless oontz therapy
  3. @nicklesndimesthat particular knife can be bought online, it's referred to as "Higonokami-style" and is commonly manufactured. I pulled this from a blog post about its history: So I guess you could say I want one of the official blades, but would be happy with a replica... I'm just broke.
  4. Lmao No worries - I'm glad you have it (mostly) figured out. Trial and error is pretty much par for the course with this stuff. I guess just try to be mindful of how things are connected or merged; groups and compound paths tend to help organize loose shapes, and while "merge" is great, it can be a bit permanent/destructive if not everything is cleanly separated. Excited to see what you come up with, it's inspiring
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