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  1. ClownPrince


    Never really played BF but the custom sandbox games that people made for the presentation made it look cool as fuark - a 4 v 32 mode would be wiiild
  2. Arguably one of the best comedic scenes in the series:
  3. @Schnitzelthat animation looks like it was fun to explore and reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s work for Python - would be interesting to see you take it further. Been slacking on doing anything creatively fulfilling lately, mostly small client work that keeps me overwhelmed.
  4. lol. looks like a good time srs
  5. Those last 3 posts for sure Oontz instead of drawing... Drinking coffee instead of eating, Worrying over indecision. poor haiku life... boohoooo... fuckin baby god bless oontz therapy
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