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  1. You were probably in Delaware county.
  2. Ninja is juggalo talk... Fuck you and your feelings. Clown ass ninja.
  3. Your extensive history of bitchassness.
  4. 100%... And he basically said it himself. If dude didn't come at me with all this Imma pussy shit.. I was gonna keep letting him go on here pretending like he was born some North Philly dope dealer with a vast knowledge of grilled meat and proper pants sizing.
  5. Steak-ums are frowned upon. Onions are usually chopped and cooked in with the meat. Dao is still not from Philadelphia.
  6. Did Casper have to take a 20 minute train ride into the city everyday? I haven't seen that movie in a while.
  7. ...to ask if you're on dope after you pull his card.
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