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  1. i found a tupperware full of what looked to be pulled pork in my backyard this morning .. the trajectory path seems like it was thrown from the neighboors facing behind my house .. it was still pretty far from the fence a solid 20ft .. it was a full tupperware so it was quite heavy .. i dont know weather it was a gift .. or some type of message .. i dont know how to respond to this .. im thinking of maybe throwing some left overs in a tupperware back over maybe this is how mexicans trade food.
  2. bald fat cheeked face and a smiling pink bear ? the inside of his head must look like a lisa frank trapper keeper
  3. awesome thread .. i was waiting for another installment the story about your boat .. does sound pretty shady .. i would just ninja my way into there and take the boat back ... It sounds like the guy stole your boat .. came up with a crappy excuse for dodging your calls and now wants you to pay for your boat because he was keeping on his dock .. (hes gonna just get away with stealing your boat if you don't go take it)
  4. Enmity


    the videos look great though i would have to take a day off work to take it all in....im afraid if i spend the money on it i wont be able to play since i am busy 95% off the week :(
  5. Enmity


    here is my dirty girl ... Santacruz Bullit 10' Sram xo shift with a x9 der (more cost effective when it gets ripped off) Fox 40 & dhx Saint Brakes Mavic Deemax Raceface Diablous Cranks Blackspire Guide Easton bars some shitty uncomfortable seat (need a new one) unlike most people that have a bike like this .. i actually go big :D ive destroyed konas and rockymountains .. this is my favorite frame so far sucks they dont make em anymore. havent been on the road lately .. that ride is hanging up. im thinking of building a 29r .. haven't decided on a frame.
  6. Enmity


    i am a dealer for Bianchi .. I had one of those frames come in and i could not get over the way they welded that aero cut out section for the rear wheel i thought it would be a nice smooth finish but its not .. i was kinda disappointed about that ... i was considering ordering one in the tri color scheme but i couldn't get past those welds... whatever im just complaining .. nice ride :cool:
  7. tater .. meyer .. novah ..
  8. Re: How do you deal with creative blocks? whatever the "creative block " is .. i do something that has nothing to do with it .. maybe even forget about it for a week or two .. even longer.. then come back to it .. usually i have a new concept or outlook on it .... or just smoke a bunch of pot .. and drink heavily .. that works too.
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