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  1. Re: random thoughts My hands have been compared to Revok's.
  2. RIP YoDao Thread. Greatest Pissing Contest in 12oz History.
  3. Is this Inception? What vortex just opened up?
  4. Re: Yo DAO Damn dao, you duckin knifehits like a ^^^^^^
  5. Re: random thoughts Bought 2 packs of Adidas socks and every fucking pair make my feet stink really fucking bad. Worthless purchase.
  6. Was this cop fingering buttholes and immediately jizzing his pants? Is that how he got off easy? weirdo cops
  7. I bought my niece an American Girl Doll through Amazon on Friday, paid for next day delivery,and it never showed up. FedEx sucks balls. Pretty angry.
  8. Wow. 3 words and you read into it with that? Here: FREE TOILETSEAT What did I mean there??
  9. Needing 2 Advil and water right nao. Bout to shower and head to work. Barf lyfe yo
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