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  1. Lmao No worries - I'm glad you have it (mostly) figured out. Trial and error is pretty much par for the course with this stuff. I guess just try to be mindful of how things are connected or merged; groups and compound paths tend to help organize loose shapes, and while "merge" is great, it can be a bit permanent/destructive if not everything is cleanly separated. Excited to see what you come up with, it's inspiring
  2. Dolophones conifera Also Known As the wrap-around spider
  3. Ohh okay that's what I thought. Respect for the squirrely approach of just collecting things that you like, I do the same thing with labels and graphic design material. Like that Padres logo pin.. so clean. Sidenote(not to derail the thread), I did more lurking in the patch group and found it connected to a certain movement.. oddly enough
  4. Are these things you've collected over time? Or are you part of a formal trading group? A friend of mine invited me to one on facebook recently and it was fuuuullll of characters man - not really my scene but entertaining no less. Like it bugged me out to see patches and pins being traded like some sort of black market currency, or seeing pictures of people with these big felt canvases full of patches next to their guns and shit... I dunno just seemed like such a weird flex. Dig your collections tho! If I can find my box of random design ephemera I'll see if I have anything worth sharing
  5. For a first pass that's pretty solid man, especially since you're learning to use photos, layer effects, digital painting AND type treatment all in one assignment; that's no small task, especially to teach yourself. Joker brings up some good points about layer masks and opacity; they're based on the methods used in a dark room that produce different effects on "traditional" film-based photography. If you want to get familiar with adding textures and different lighting effects, play around with the opacity settings(multiply and overlay for shadows, screen for highlights). Res. sizing too can be confusing even when starting a file - I find a good rule of thumb is if you're working with something intended for digital use then it should be rendered at 72dpi, while anything for print should be 300dpi. To be safe, start big; it's always easier to scale down the final image-quality than it is to scale up.
  6. This. Photoshop is obviously great for photo stuff and all things raster-based, but when it comes to logos.. vector format is the way to go. It makes scaling almost worry-free. You are right tho, that font is complicated to work with if you want to get more than one color out of it. This is what I was able to get in Illustrator: (Type tool > type "Oontz" in Ranger font. With type box selected use "Type > Create Outlines". With outlines selected use "Object > Compound Path > Release". Use Direct Select and the Pathfinder(minus-front) tool to reconnect broken letters. Use Direct Select on all letters then "Object > Group" to separate the letters from the shadow. Change colors.) I'm sorry if that doesn't help clarify how you can do it yourself - I thought you might benefit from seeing the few steps needed to piece it together in vector. WIth these programs you almost have to practice and do exercises for each tool within the software itself in order to fully understand their capabilities and improve your workflow. There are growing pains in the short term for sure, but it's worth it.. over having to battle the same frustrations when you're working on something you actually care about. Anyway, i'm not even sure what i'm saying - wanted to help and now i'm yammering on like a lunatic
  7. 12oz Resurrection. This song came on in some random youtube playlist shuffle right as I read this thread.. fuckin' lost it bruh.. lets get it
  8. Mero's the first dude I ever came across who typed everything in all caps - I'm still not sure if his real life persona meets my expectations for the kind of person I thought he was behind a screen. Props to him and Desus for doing big things, they're pretty entertaining together. Being around them seems like it would be fun and annoying at the same time.
  9. YO Hayabusa! I was hoping the relaunch would resurrect your old thread and bring you out of the shadows, that thread was inspiring. Good to see you back, those whales make me miss that pacific northwest ocean life. auf those landscapes are on some magic card stuff, you ever come across a guy named Noah Bradley? He does similar work and makes it look too easy. Respect for being able to do it. Lots of good stuff in here, keep it rollin..
  10. It's kind of a newer bullshit trend going around the internet, mostly in the bodybuilding.com forums and reddit. "Timothy vs Chad" or something like that, all in the same context as alpha, beta, numales, cucks, soyboys. Kind of primitive in terms of meme content but I guess some people find humor in it; seeing dudes make the 'soyboy smile' does make me laugh though. The oontz seems to have more depth.. but there is a stickied thread about a rubber homer dungeon so I guess anything is fair game.
  11. ClownPrince


    Posted this in Last Thing You Bought thread but maybe it's better suited here. Never been one for hightops or even white sneakers in general, but for whatever reason I had to have these. These too.
  12. Never been one for hightops or even white sneakers in general, but for whatever reason I had to have these.
  13. Dude, love the illustration. Thanks for sharing the creative brief as well. Great work.
  14. Came across an old youtube favorite. Is jugzer still around? "When life hands you lemons, eat lemonheads." https://youtu.be/342PTGdRoxk
  15. This looks great - real clean. Will have to play around with it this weekend. Nice work!
  16. I have two out from the library in hopes to establish a working routine for myself to overcome a lot of self-doubt and improve my productivity. Picked up 'Daily Rituals' from the post above. Dig that it's an easy, casual read. Going to get into this this week, see what I can't pull from it. These kind of go hand-in-hand with the social media thread; evaluating how I spend my time and how to get shit done like a normal functioning person. Otherwise been reading some Kurt Vonnegut for leisure.
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