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  1. S T,S But yo, how they gonna crop out THIS masterpiece from that computer photo?(Doom is 30 yrs old this year btw)
  2. Actually this seems to be the current digital equivalent if pinball was on a raspberry pi(made by Skeeball... which is pretty sikk tho too so lets also talk about that): https://youtu.be/E1uQQUvtGKE https://skeeball.com/skillshot-fx-digital-pinball/ and a remastered version of the goat: and some redesigned backglass art: https://www.thisweekinpinball.com/medieval-madness-alternate-backglass/ yeaaah today was not productive.... bump.
  3. Thisss. Man I looked up 'Medieval Madness' the other day, arguably one of the best tables out there, that chit was going for 13 - 17,000. I don't want to have to settle for the dystopian version of booted Apple Goggles running Microsoft Space Cadet. ping p-ding ding ouch fuck ping d-ding ding
  4. Ohhh okay I see what you're saying, yeah anything vector will definitely help sharpen the edges on all the wild shapes you're using and especially the typography. That's rad that you can print and treat them yourself tho, how tf can you do magnets? lol
  5. Adobe's pretty fucky about sharing account access for Creative Cloud otherwise I'd drop my old work account to you. What's your setup like? If you're on an iPad, Adobe Fresco is actually a decent alternative to Ps and Ai - it has both pixel AND vector capabilities... but again you might need to subscribe to access that? I'm not 100% I've heard Affinity Designer is also good for basic vector stuff, and CorelDraw has come up too. Or Clip Studio Paint, which is great on PC and Mac, is another one that has both capabilities and seems to still have one-time purchase options; they offer free trials and some pretty nice twice-a-year discounts if you keep an eye out for them. I guess what I'm really saying is that I'm no help at all... but still wanna see you do cool vector shit.
  6. This. Damn. Sorry to hear about his passing. Dude seemed genuinely endearing. "When life hands you lemons, eat lemonheads..." RIP JUGZER
  7. ClownPrince


    Watched a couple of the dudes play Shredder's Revenge the other night... simple, polished, retro style gaming... looked fun as fuk. Apparently it's cross platform for XBonr and PC too, anyone here have it or tried it out?
  8. And this person's account is basically a more active version of this thread: https://www.instagram.com/folder.ar/
  9. This is the ZZ plant on my desk... thriving in the dusty and isolated environment that I've exposed it to. Should probably re-pot it, and or propagate it, but I'm kinda nervous that I'll kill my desk buddy
  10. Has a real (sweet)kick to it - would recommend for pizzaheads
  11. Bill Morrison, former art director for The Simpsons and Futurama (also a super nice guy) https://www.comicartfans.com/comic-artists/Bill_Morrison.asp
  12. Enjoyed Daytripper by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba - beautiful ink and watercolor work. Daytripper follows Bras de Olivias Dominguez during different periods of his life, each with the same ending; his death.
  13. That's some serious saturation for pencil crayons. Is the whole youtube video gonna be of you looking like this?
  14. Haven't been down the rabbit hole in awhile - highschool Facebook friends are always good for a refresher. https://rumble.com/vmyx1n-monopoly-who-owns-the-world-documentary-by-tim-gielen.html
  15. Some rough brand concept-illustration that never saw the light of day.
  16. I know this isn't militia specific but I'm bumping this thread 'cuz it's cool and I like it The simplicity of some "camouflage" is so jokes...
  17. Been flipping through 'The Bus' before going to bed
  18. ClownPrince


    Never really played BF but the custom sandbox games that people made for the presentation made it look cool as fuark - a 4 v 32 mode would be wiiild
  19. Arguably one of the best comedic scenes in the series:
  20. @Schnitzelthat animation looks like it was fun to explore and reminds me of Terry Gilliam’s work for Python - would be interesting to see you take it further. Been slacking on doing anything creatively fulfilling lately, mostly small client work that keeps me overwhelmed.
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