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  1. and yo, where the fuck my props at? i worked hard in that bullshit thread to get ma props, they gone now. why the fuck did we do away with inconsequential internet points? them shits were more valuable than...fuck now i remember, that sad cunt SHIT-CUNT-ONER power posting his little dick away, like internet points add inches. sad times, hope that faggot doing real bad.
  2. seems like each time i come to check in on you scumbags, there's another thread callin' out to the old heads. like twice now, which is a lot for the oontzers of days gone by. alls i know is that Dawood went real quiet around the time AyeBee licked on Alexis Texas' ass and Earl Broclo made more money than most of us (not fuckin' hard to do though). Also, Symbols still a fruitcake and that one reposted image of a legit 'pee in her butt' moment renewed my faith in this bithc. yeah i spelled that wrong, eat a dick. i miss the days of 'day in the life' where real dudes did some real shit. now all we got is some poofy aussie gronk moderating (shout out dude) and shit, let me check the latest posts and i'll judge mercilessly and bounce yet again. i guess my point is; fuck you guys, love crime.
  3. first time i checked this bitch in a year or so, how many threads did we lose in the new forum update? hope you grimey is doin good.
  4. Don't argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level and beat you with experience. -Jayden Smith.
  5. Except for all those people who drop dead after being slashed with knives...
  6. s'all good man, wasn't having a dig. didn't even know i couldn't do that, all my other bans were for more ban worthy shit so i was never even sure where the line was to be drawn. not like anyone ever reads the forum rules.
  7. i've been living off curry for the last few days, that combined with a binge on 46% Ardbeg and a flat white the next day...that's shitting fire son. and the gas, goddamn the amount of gas that came out of my ass. toilet bowl looked like a fucking Jackson Pollock.
  8. so, anal gifs; too much i'm guessing? tits are still ok though, right?
  9. i actually made that up, seeing as shit happens every fucking day i knew it would be a safe bet. my point was that some actor faggot dying doesn't mean shit unless you're a sad little fuck--in which case, it's big news. my facebook feed blew up with that shit, fucking tards. anyway;
  10. meanwhile some chick just got gang raped and hospitalised in india, paul walker tho... idiots.
  11. not something that i actually feel bad about, but it was some grimy shit; went to see a DJ called subfocus, took a decent amount of mdma and power-chewed some gum for about 6 hours. got home, mates crashed in my bed, ended up fucking my roommate because i had to sleep in her room (this is around 8am). as i found out--the acidity of a chick's vagina and old, old gum cause that shit to fall apart...all over girl's snatch as i'm going down on her. ended up fucking her but with pretty severe pill dick (like trying to wiggle a raw hotdog through a keyhole), woke up the next morning with bits of gum in my pubes (tried spitting all of it down the gap between her bed and the wall, guess i didn't get all of it). got gum inside a girl's clunge, not like any man is going to cockblock himself by telling a girl.
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