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in case you haven't noticed, we switched 12oz to all new hardware today, resulting in massive efficiency and speed improvements. there should be a huge difference in how snappy things feel overall, especially when browsing the forums. anyhow, this is the first step in a series of ongoing efforts at improving the site. we're also working on new content, as well as new sections and a large forum upgrade that'll all be rolled out over the coming weeks/months.


if you appreciate the change(s), consider showing some support by upgrading to VIP. with support from you guys, we can keep things growing and improving.




the management

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This forum is supported by the 12ozProphet Shop, so go buy a shirt and help support!
This forum is brought to you by the 12ozProphet Shop.
This forum is brought to you by the 12oz Shop.
thx but i also need an address to send it to


7-11 sells disposable credit cards. same with most check cashers. hell, most gas stations do now too. a lot quicker and easier than a money order.

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thanks raven..


speed and no ads = huge improvement...


although i do miss the red cross ad.


..when i was on 12oz, people thought i was on a volunteering website or something.

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good jowb its much faster this side. i would upgrade to vip but im too poor and i would give you props but i need to spread em so


















thank you









the po po is watching now


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i got that covered


i just need an addy to send it to


o well im going to bed and ill chk this out manana


anyone sending MO:


make payable to:


Also Known As

51 MacDougal Street, #235

NY, NY 10012


also include your user name on the boards so we can credit your account.

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I don't use Paypal so maybe I'll send an MO to you guys.


How about we have a section for Noobs.. Where they have to stay in there until they get enough votes from older members to let them have full access.. Based on contributions they might make to the board overall.



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