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  1. Moonlight pizzeria in Salida, CO is the best pizza I've ever had, even out east. That is all
  2. Ok sooki, I'm posting! Pretty sure this wasn't my username. I think it was crackteeth. So. I quit my job, started my own businesses and moved 2500 miles away from home. Became a grower. Built a farm. Built another farm. Now I do stuff and things/consult for large commercial grows and have been speculating the idea of expanding across the country. I used to post on here in my underwear in an overcrowded apartment and now i'm in my own house on my computer phoje . I have no idea how I went from catching felonies from graffiti to this but hey. Who fucking knows. Why trivialize it. (Now) I like rally cars, building drones although I've been too busy to do it lately, my stupid dog, and guitars. I am a grown man that still skateboards regularly.
  3. If you don't like this movie, you're either mexican or a total fucking loser.
  4. Crazy maki, pork fried rice, and shrimp dumplings. Arsenic.
  5. I'm sorry, I'll make sure my next thread is about a festie, another year of the same dumbass sports, or graff gossip. Forgot the rules, sorry ladies.
  6. I had to take a gigantic shit that's lasted about 15 minutes. Seems to be the only time I go onto the forum anymore.
  7. Oh, and now 3/4 of the crimes in eastie aren't reported now too because they're trying like hell to gentrify the area. Food for thought. If they fucking force out santarpio's though, there'll be hell to pay
  8. And half of roxbury is now composed of white as a ghost college kids. Surprisingly milton is getting a huge runoff of crackheads because they're cleaning dorchester and parts of murderpan up.
  9. Fuck outta here, revere is where you go to get good italian. You're thinking of lynn these days, bruh. The italians are cleaning that shit up!
  10. So, everyone has just randomly clicked around from profile to profile looking at pictures. I did just that today. I clicked on a picture with a girl that has an amazing ass, and noticed said amazing ass only had one friend. This man was the 'one friend'. This picture is AMAZINGLY fucked up. Small child wearing dirty clothing, check. Junkie still presumably tied off while in his underwear, check. Wigger junkie in football jersey and backwards fitted (i.e. the new england special, the telltale style for your normal perc head in the new england area), check. Random gun sitting in the middle of a bed, check. Discuss.
  11. I work hard to make my dreams a reality. That's what I have a vision board for.
  12. This is a fucking problem, I'm seeing spots that I wouldn't even fucking LOOK AT in the daytime being flicked with two dudes painting in broad daylight. This shit has to fucking stop.
  13. @corpseinarug Fuck yo instagram. I'm gonna try to update it more. Caddy pics, and the occasional tits wrapped around my bong. The norm.
  14. OH YEAH. About 6 years ago or so when I was dating a muslim girl, she went to malaysia to see her folks and stuff, and gave me the green like to fuck whatever when she was gone. So, after whoring myself around a little bit, I ended up fucking this girl who LITERALLY had a burning mosque tattooed on her back. I didn't tell her my girlfriend (or even that I had a girlfriend) was muslim, so I waited to have my fun, and then clued her into the fact that she was, and even told her that I was considering converting. Ending sex with crying is the best. She ran to her car in her bra and panties, the eagle has landed.
  15. Well, fuck. When you put it that way. An asian hooker walked naked across a packed gambling parlor I was in about a month ago and pulled me by the shirt back into her room, that was pretty cool. I was literally the only white dude there, and one of two people who spoke english, it was one of the most cutty situations of my fucking life. I left most of my cash at wherever I was, so i could have given a fuck if they were trying to rob me. It was free anyways.
  16. Yeah, when 12oz isn't in my life, I get into way more fucked up situations than the ones I read on here. It's been pretty fucking awesome lately.
  17. A few weeks ago I fucked some college broad while I was on 5 hits of acid. It lasted awhile, after a bit she got super wet, so assumed she was squirting. So she starts rubbing it all over me, and the bed is fucking soaked. It's like midnight, and there's no lights, got up to take a piss, hit the lights, and i'm fucking covered in blood, my bed is covered in blood, the walls are covered in blood, and she's been feeding me blood. I laughed so motherfucking hard, she started crying in shame.
  18. I picked the wrong god damn day to quit sniffing glue.
  19. I don't drink a lot. When i do, it's normally J&B on top of/in front of one of these.
  20. I was homeless and thought it would be an interesting way to spend my time.
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