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  1. yes. his monologue in the overeem documentary is painful to watch
  2. virtual on :) shame you needed 2 joysticks to play it, so there was never a decent console port.
  3. yes, but most spywre is .exe executional stuff which mac's won't open
  4. all day everyday. guile was a killer in the original but they toned him down in the later revisions so I switched to m bison
  5. demonoid was great for 70s prog rock rarities, haven't found another tracker that's as good. most of the search results you got on mininova were links to private trackers anyway, but rip still
  6. smash bros is gay. street fighter 2 is the greatest game ever made, in any genre. I'm one of those people that never stopped playing it, when I was in tokyo last year I was surprised to find the game still has a big following there at an arcade level. tekken divides opinions as unlike street fighter series it's very heavily based on combo setups which are difficult and time consuming to learn, but I've always liked the series. there's a arcade in london I'd sometimes go to with friends after we'd been drinking as it's open til 2, playing the chinatown fresh-off-the-boat immigrant waiters whilst drunk never got old.
  7. there's no asbestos in that building. and I'm aware of all the shit mould can do, we took precautions. iceland is a crazy place, I went there a few years ago, I wasn't far north enough/wrong time of year I forget which but at the time reykjavik had like 20 hours of sunlight per day. takes a lot of getting used to. reykjavik is also covered in graf btw
  8. yeah. you need to be less trusting/talk less/both
  9. from 2 weekends ago staying at my mate's flat. cleanliness is not his virtue work. this floor was ruined from a flood 3 years ago, the landlord didn't get round to getting rid of it until now. 5 hours of sledge hammering. you can't really see it in this pic but all kinds of disgusting shit was under this floor. a lot of bugs in the wood as well. walked past lego harry potter on road tekken 5 psp tournament. this girl was slaying everyone with devil jin. except me. more on road uh huh huh huh "cocks" uh huh huh drinks oontz oontz oontz teh endz
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